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Join a writing club and you'll be part of a smaller FanStory community. You'll find writers that share the same writing interest as you. Learn how to write specific forms of writing while having fun with interesting assignments. You haven't joined any clubs.

Available Clubs

Lyrics Make The Song
Welcome to Lyrics Make The Song. Glad you joined us today! Here club members will: -receive helpful tips on songwriting including this one: to appeal to the largest number of people know your targeted audience. Songwriting really does not get much easier than that. -be able to display their lyrics and completed songs, but nothing belonging to anybody else that you downloaded from somewhere. -be challenged to create specific types of lyrics -be able to share songwriting insights with other like-minded club members -be kept well informed of my monthly Lyrics Make The Song contest. But, be aware, historically, this contest fills up all 18 available slots very quickly and, much more. So, enjoy the club. The most unique one on FanStory.

Club Organizer is Brett Matthew West.
Animal Crackers
Share your stories and poems about your pets or other animals. No challenges. No deadlines. Simply a place for animals lovers to share their experiences.

Club Organizer is damommy.
Shout Outs to the Lord
If you enjoy writing spiritual poetry; such as 5-7-5 or 5-7-7 poems and just spiritual poems. This is what this club is about. Praising our Lord God in words and songs. Please write from your heart!

Club Organizer is Teri7.
Potlatch Poetry Club invites ALL participants to join. We practice a specific style of poetry that is selected by the monthly leader. That info is posted on Tuesday. Then on Saturday of that week, a challenge prompt using that style is posted at 6 PM FanStory time. No time limit is set for posting your work. Many post that night or as late as Tuesday of the following week. Picture selection is up to the individual IF a picture is desired. ANYONE wishing to write may write & post their work. The CLUB makes it EASY to locate the work of others for review. Promoting, or not, is up to the individual as is participating that week. One can drop in at any time, skip a week or weeks, return, or write every week. ORGANIZED BY: Jannypan(Jan) & damommy (Yvonne)

Club Organizer is Jannypan (Jan) .
Not A Flash In The Pan
Want to write short stories? ‘Not A Flash in The Pan’ is for you. Flash fiction is great, but the short story gives you time to develop your theme, character, and plot. It lets them breathe and live. We'll look at how to craft a piece from beginning to end and work on different genres, perspectives and development techniques. The short story is a perfect stepping stone to novellas and novels. If you have the commitment and time, then sign up. This club will look at producing work of publishable length for anthologies and magazines on the 1500 - 7000 words range, as well as shorter exercises to build up to the full story (such as opening lines, paragraphs, character description, backstory, dialogue and so on).

Club Organizer is giraffmang.
Structured Writing Club
Katawt is 5-7-7 syllable count. Haiku is 5-7-5. Tanka is 5-7-5-7-7. All are based on Japanese writings. You'll have seven days to write a poem. After that poem is complete we will write the next one. The fourth week the Haiku must be words only. Let your words be the picture.

Club Organizer is poetsteve15.
Flash Fiction Club
If you like writing stories using a limited number of words, then this is the right club for you.

Club Organizer is Maria Jose Garcia.
Meter Bleaters Club
If you enjoy the classical rhythms of metrical poetry both to read and/or to write then this is the club where you will find it. In the illustration above are the most common meters found in metrical poetry. We will never suggest you write a poem with a line length of so many syllables. As far as line length is concerned we will be using the terms in the illustration. Don't worry if you don't know what they mean. Join the club and you will find out eventually. More details on the club's discussion pages.

Club Organizer is Pantygynt.
Writing Nonfiction Club
The purpose of the club is to discuss aspects of nonfiction: articles, essays, opinion pieces, memoir and autobiography, and any writing that may be termed "nonfiction."

Club Organizer is Stacia Ann.
The Book Nook Club
Do you enjoy sharing and discussing fiction writing techniques? Do you want to improve your craft or help others with theirs? Then this is the place for you. Fiction only. No poetry.

Club Organizer is nor84.
Pix This Challenge Group
Do you enjoy a POETRY ONLY challenge? If so, this is the club/group for you. Every two weeks we post artwork/photo, which the club members write an ekphastic (interpretative poem) about. This is just for 'fun', so enjoy!

Club Organizer is Jacqueline M Franklin.
The Fabulous Free Versers Club
Our purpose is to learn TRUE free verse poetry NOT just "words on a page". Free verse puts the writer in charge while still incorporating ALL poetic devices AND a few more. This is a chance to write poetry NO ONE ever dreamed of.

Club Organizer is michaelcahill.

Want to host a club? Contact us with the details of what you would like to do with a club.