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Susanne M. Psyris
Location: Springfield Massachusetts USA
Gender: Female
Born: 6/10/56
Interests: Reading/writing poetry, watching old movies, listening to music and firearms (target practice only!)
Member: Premier Author
Joined: June 2006
Susanne M. Psyris is a native New Englander. She is the Vice President of the Black Rose Poets Society and is one of the featured poets in their newly released anthology, "Symphony of Shadows". Available through, and or ordered through your local bookstore.
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She also has her first book of poetry, "The Infernal Abyss" published by Publish America ISBN 1-4241-5207-0 now available online through Barnes and Noble, Borders and Amazon.

She is also working on her second book of poetry, which she hopes will be published this winter.

I am Vice President of the Black Rose Poet's Society. We are a society of artists. We write cutting edge poetry that makes people feel and think!! The Black Rose Poet's Society encourages free thinkers to explore all areas of writing. We encourage people to look at reality, imagination, fantasy, illusion and the world around you through a different prism. Our society is formed from people throughout the world that have all different kinds of religious beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, educational levels and life experiences. Our common bond is pushing writing to its limits. We explore all avenues of human behavior, horror poetry, science fiction, romance, nature, alternative expressions of thought nothing is beyond writing about. Visit us at
Live for today, tomorrow may never come!
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rama devi
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rama devi
Susanne M. Psyris: thanks to yeltel....I think I am back!

April 28 at 6:17PM
    adewpearl: welcome back :-)
    April 28 at 7:21PM
    rama devi: Welcome back! :)
    April 28 at 10:02PM
    yeltel: Welcome back, dearest friend! Your talent and membership were sorely missed.
    April 29 at 8:11AM
    Susanne M. Psyris: thanks to you all for the welcome back....missed reading and writing for so long!
    April 30 at 12:03AM

Susanne M. Psyris: sorry to have not responded to reviews timely of late, but I have been dealing with personal issues that have kept me off the computer and focused elsewhere....
February 1 at 7:25PM

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