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Share your writing, get feedback from other writers and learn. You can get feedback for everything you post. Enter writing contests with cash prizes.

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The benefits of our membership for writers:
  • Beginner to Pro - All forms of writing welcomed including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, book chapters, and scripts. Learn from feedback that will be written on everything you write. FanStory reviews can help you improve your writing. Over 30 FanStory authors were traditionally published since January of last year. Many of the authors attributed their success to the feedback and encouragement that they received from the FanStory community.

  • Contests - Participate in free writing contests and you can win cash prizes. Over 50 new writing contests are opened (and always free) every month. In addition, a new writing prompt contest is announced daily.

  • Rankings - If you are talented enough you can earn a top rank or even the #1 spot in the rankings. Every comment counts towards your rank.

  • Pressure Free Feedback - You will receive feedback for everything you post. Your reviews are free with your membership. A large reviewer base means you do not have to write reviews to get reviews.

  • Fun - Be part of a social network exclusively for writers. Enjoy the friendly and competitive nature of FanStory.

  • Safe - You keep your copyright and retain full rights. In addition, we provide you a registered copyright for everything you post. You are free, and encouraged, to sell your work to others, publish it with others or do whatever you wish.

  • Great Value - Free membership will get you started. Membership for writers is as low as $2.80 per month. Order risk-free with our trial membership. Pricing details.

For nearly fifteen years has been helping writers improve their craft.

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Common Questions

Q: Is my personal information safe?
A: Yes. We only ask three questions to get you started. Your e-mail address will only be used to send you account information and to activate your account.
Q:Will I get feedback?
A:Absolutely. Everything you post will receive detailed feedback.
Q:Is it safe to post my writing online?
A: Yes. FanStory has unique protections in place for authors. We provide a registered copyright for everything you write. The registered copyright page identifies you as the copyright owner of the work. You keep your copyright and retain full rights. You are free, and encouraged, to sell your work to others, publish it with others or do whatever you wish.
Q:What type of writing is accepted?
A:All forms of writing. That includes poetry, scripts, book chapters, essays, fiction and non-fiction, and short stories.
Q:What are the rankings?
A: One of the fun features of is that every comment counts. Your reviews aren't just "notes" to you. Reviews are used to rank every post. In addition, you will be ranked. Online statistics will show you how your writing compares to other writers at your skill level.
Q:Do I need to be an experienced writer?
A: No. Writers of all skill levels are welcomed.
Q: Can I enter a contest?
A: Yes. You can enter contests with cash prizes for free. Choose from over 50 contests every month.
Q:How much does it cost?
A: Get started here for free. Upgraded membership is as little as $2.80 per month. Details.
Q:Are there hidden charges?
A: No. Your membership covers everything. All features are opened once you upgrade.
Q:Is it safe to pay for upgraded membership online?
A: Yes. Your payment is handled using a secure connection with PayPal.
Q:Are there any catches?
A:No. has been helping writers improve their skills since the year 2000. We are confident that you will enjoy your membership. But if you cancel for any reason you will receive a full refund.
Q:How do I upgrade if I don't have a credit card?
A:Open a PayPal account first to make available other payment options including checks and money orders. Or you can mail your payment.
Q:What if I have questions?
A:We can answer questions by email and by phone. Click here for contact information.

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