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Kyani Girl

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RE: Prescription Drugs
Reply on October 20, 2017 08:41 AM << Modifed October 20 at 9:25AM >>

I apologize. I replied without having looked at the video. I have not and will not look at the video. I was just basing it on your statement about the Earth. I stand corrected.

No, I do not think there are evil chemist out to destroy the earth... deliberately or otherwise, with the exception of Hitler's recruits who were out to destroy their evil perception of imperfection and that was population of people, race and culture. Sick bastards. Today, I do believe there are two lunatics out there in never land getting ready to wreak havoc on all of us!!!

I really do not know how the earth and chemical poisons got started on this thread.

I will maintain that through man's advancement we are poisoning our planet and many who are for advancement and money are not concerned and truly try to turn the tide of evidential truth. It happened with DDT and it continues to happen.

My son is a conservationist and I glean so much from his knowledge.

A must read is Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. It's an eye opener to start with. Also Aldo Leopold.

As for streaks in the sky, do not know what l. raven means because I haven't and will not look at the video, but I do know the fumes and exhaust from aviation also affect our atmosphere which affects are ecosphere. But do not misunderstand me, aviation is a blessing and a curse. To be able to fly across the world, see its wonders, connect with family, not to mention its expediency has saved many many lives for organ transplants to life threatening trauma where time draws the line.

The is a term called the compound effect. Example, we all know McDonald's food is mostly unhealthy. But we go for their cheap cheeseburgers one day. Will it hurt us ... no. Will it hurt us if we get one everyday for the next week... probably not. We will most likely see no residual effects if we stop there, but if we continue over time eating that food everyday, we will eventually wreak havoc on our bodies. Gaining unhealthy weight, = insulin resistance = atreriorsclerosis= high blood pressure= heart disease, kidney disease= equals strokes, cataracts, tremors... eventually death. Compound effect and it is usually caused by poor choices we make on a daily basis.

Such is the compound effect of our beautiful earth. Man's plunder. Why? Because of advancement designed to make our lives easier... better... but in the long run, all these conveniences are ruining our atmosphere and eco system one by one and the compound effect is a universal law. And yes, there are many cooperation who only care about the bottom line and not about their destructive behavior. Thus was born the EPA.

So do not know why Inam preaching to the choir. We all know this.

This is what I meant Steve and I just assumed the video was about such.

So thank you for setting things straight.


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RE: Prescription Drugs
Reply on October 20, 2017 10:46 AM << Modifed October 20 at 4:22PM >>
yea thanks Steve...its refreshing to see that there are some people so genuinely honest you can just tell....youre safer.

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