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RE: The Real Cause of Global Warming
Reply on December 20, 2017 08:11 PM
I believe scientific facts, but no one has come up with a definitive one for global warming. Everyone has a different opinion, and the fact is . . . no one really knows. 8-)

gloria ...
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RE: The Real Cause of Global Warming
Reply on December 20, 2017 11:52 PM << Modifed December 21 at 12:06AM >>
Hey Yvonne. Well I suppose climate change is one of those things that it's best to err on the side of caution, yes? Particularly given that as far as we know there is no planet B to inhabit should man make Earth uninhabitable once and for all. It's not worth the risk of destroying our home on the off chance Mars can be terraformed. I am encouraged that Trump wants Americans back on the Moon, (Newt Gingrich wanted colonization there too) but I'm not at all confident terraforming Mars will be quite as simple as melting the ice caps and throwing in a series of microbes to spawn Earth 2. Other than a few ancillary benefits derived from the technological research I'm not certain space travel is like jumping on stepping stones across the universal pond. First we hit the Moon and then after that Mars and after that, who knows? Perhaps another galaxy. Maybe the God Particle fits in there somewhere but how, who knows?

The Greenhouse Effect, Thinning of the Ozone Layer, Global Warming and now Climate Change are all the different terms used in my lifetime. Even though there is an overwhelming consensus among the scientific community that the Earth's temperature is rising based on painstaking data collection over centuries and ice-core samples extracted from 400,000 years ago that hasn't stopped corruptible scientists from accepting money from rapacious energy lobbyists to pay them to dispute their own research. Although it shouldn't surprise me it still does when scientists are so dishonest they'll forsake their values and what they know to be a fact for a few bucks. They betray not only themselves, but also science and everyone on the planet. It's a pity reversing climate change isn't as simple as eradicating Bitcoins and porn.

It seems the Trump administration is going full-steam ahead to capitalize on short-term gain and be damned about the planet and future generations. Sadly, when one country poisons the soil, air and water the effects spread around the world. Make no mistake Canada falls short in this area also and I'm never shy about letting Trudeau know my views on the subject. He likes me, I think.

Moreover recent moves such as the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and expanded oil exploration on land and sea including the Arctic Ocean, shale fracking and other mining exploration are only amplified by Trump's moves to reduce national monuments such as Bears Ears to fuel our endless greed and reliance on oil and gas rather than expand research and development into alternative energy sources, which we are going to need eventually because fossil fuels are essentially non-renewable.

With over-population the ecological footprint man stomps on nature to support its economy has meant we've encroached and even destroyed animal habitats and who knows how many plant and animal species die because our wants far outstrip our needs. And the ecological accounting system doesn't respond to crooked lawyers and creative bookkeeping and we are overdrawn at the bank of natural capital.

Bottom line, when it's gone, it's gone. Thank goodness I'll be dead before then, but what a remarkable shame and searing indictment on humankind that with all our intelligence all we can do is compete for dominance and destroy the prize in the process. Maybe an ice age will finish us off first.

CD Richards

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RE: The Real Cause of Global Warming
Reply on December 21, 2017 12:15 AM
I think the biggest lie we are being fed by self-interested politicians and businesses today is "the jury is still out on climate change". The jury has given its verdict, and we've been found guilty. Regrettably, it looks like the sentence is likely to be death, and not just for us.


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RE: The Real Cause of Global Warming
Reply on December 22, 2017 03:10 AM
Of course climate change and global warming ARE NOT real--much like the existence of dinosaurs.

It's simply the latest ruse to get naughty kids to be nice--after the Santa Claus debacle.
Tooth fairy's still real, though--and no, it's not Elton John.

Working on my latest bestseller: 'Myth of the Arctic'.
Should be ready by the end of the millennium.

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