Comments For Love's a many Splendored Thing! by junglefighter

A splendid entry into the contest. A challenge to love is taken away.

This poem takes readers on a journey through its many great examples of what love is. Everything God created is there for us to love. We just have to open our eyes and hearts to see the beauty of love in all things. This awesome poem expresses that in a superb way. Love is all around and is a 'many splendored thing.' LJ

"AWESOME!" Written from the heart, and delivered by an Angel. Commendably PENNED! Best wishes, "For a WIN." (ak)

Comments For Love is More Than a Couple of Words by kiwigirl2821

I love this lovely poem. It made me smile and it touched my heart. This poet uses relatable situations that bring to mind wonderful memories of togetherness.

Comments For If I Did Love Thee in the Fall by RodG

Genuinely liked your poem. The most competent in my opinion... Apart from my own! ;-)

Comments For Searching by Sherman541

It is a unique kind of love versus the usual and common love

Comments For Get Out of My Freaking Head by Liberty Justice

Get out of my freaking head is what i said to my ex who wont stop calling me. Excellent realistic poem. Thank you poet.

Comments For Beautiful Woman by Natali Holden

The right way to look at another person's loveworthiness.

A book by our own MissMerri.

“Songs Before Dawn is one of the most aesthetically pleasing poetry books I have read in decades.” writes Ray Griffin, poet and teacher.

“To read these remarkable works with perception is to enter a wonderland of provocative and inspirational insight.” ~ Dr. James L. Bond, former PLNU President

“Reflecting the heart of a true poet, Adonna Gipe has a masterful ability to weave words and phrases into beautiful, emotionally connected fabrics.” ~ Garrett Cooper, Taylor University faculty member

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