Comments For Old Man Winter by Mimi Linny

Nice imagery

Comments For Winter's Seduction by michaelcahill


Wow. Sooooo sensuous

Comments For I am Winter by Kerry Robinson

Awesome! It walked along the pathway
to my heart. Brrrr! Please, stop pulling the cover.
Bill (J.F.)

Comments For Winter Death by RodG

I told you I'd be waiting to vote on this. Exceptionally well done!

Comments For Beautiful Winter by Natali Holden

A seasonal love affair

Comments For Wild Winter's Boast by BlueMarble

An enjoyable flowing poem

Comments For The Winter You Don't Know by Ogden

Winter is really a person in this.
with a vivid personality

Comments For Winter's Chilly Frosty Breath by Liberty Justice

Winter's Wicked Icy Fingers is filled with perfect alliteration and paints pictures of winter with such amusement. A pure joy to read.

A book by our own Unspoken94.

Dawn Munro (ideasaregemsl-Dawn) writes: This is the finest work of nonfiction and if you read nothing else this year, I recommend "Conversations". Signed copies provided. Contact him for details.

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A book by our own Brigitte Elko.

This is a story about a little girl who loses her favorite comfort object. During her search , she faces many obstacles which she must overcome. She tackles her environment with her problem solving skills. Boys will enjoy this book because the little girl gets in so much "trouble". Contact Brigitte for a signed copy.

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A book by our own Celtic Angel.

This character-driven tale embarks on a journey towards self-worth involving Cass Backus, a young girl experiencing awkward teenage moments and bullying. Longing to escape her adolescent drama, she looks forward to reconnecting with her childhood friend, Brad. However, numerous obstacles and misadventures stand in her way. The question remains: Will Cass and Brad ever manage to catch up and take their friendship to the next level?

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