Comments For Old Man Winter by Mimi Linny

Nice imagery

Comments For Winter's Seduction by michaelcahill


Wow. Sooooo sensuous

Comments For I am Winter by Kerry Robinson

Awesome! It walked along the pathway
to my heart. Brrrr! Please, stop pulling the cover.
Bill (J.F.)

Comments For Winter Death by RodG

I told you I'd be waiting to vote on this. Exceptionally well done!

Comments For Beautiful Winter by Natali Holden

A seasonal love affair

Comments For Wild Winter's Boast by BlueMarble

An enjoyable flowing poem

Comments For The Winter You Don't Know by Ogden

Winter is really a person in this.
with a vivid personality

Comments For Winter's Chilly Frosty Breath by Liberty Justice

Winter's Wicked Icy Fingers is filled with perfect alliteration and paints pictures of winter with such amusement. A pure joy to read.

A book by our feinerthoughts

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Delightfully told in rhyming verse, this story features a young hero (Sophie) who encourages a self-conscious king to show himself even though he is different. Sensitive and silly, this vibrantly illustrated tale will show readers that when we embrace diversity and difference, we open up a world of friendship and possibilities.

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