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Daniel J. Darcey
Location: Washington
Gender: Male
Born: California 1985
Interests: SciFi
Member: Premier Author
Joined: August 2013
I am Currently in the US Navy as an Electrical Engineer. I am currently writing a novel series called Kingdoms and Empires.
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country ranch writer
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country ranch writer
Liz Dunbee
Daniel J. Darcey: I'm back. It's been a hectic time for me. Now I've got alot to catch up on. I will too. Sorry for the long delays but I've been super busy.
August 21 at 1:55PM
    lindalcreel: Welcome back. I tried to pull up your latest post but it seems to have been removed. I'll see if I can try something else. I've missed you.
    August 23 at 2:29PM
    Daniel J. Darcey: Thanks. I've been trying to post a new chapter but the site keeps telling me that it doesn't like the text? But I'm using the same program that I've always used.
    September 1 at 12:07AM
    lindalcreel: Try to save it as plain text and then it will allow you to post. I've had the same trouble.
    September 5 at 2:21PM
    lindalcreel: your post is still not showing up. Don;t know if you removed it intentionally, but I couldn't read the latest chapter.
    September 12 at 12:24PM
    Daniel J. Darcey: It still isn't allowing me to post my short story. I'm trying to use other methods.
    October 22 at 9:45PM

Daniel J. Darcey: My Third Novel Kingdoms and Empires: Redemption is now complete. Please feel free to read, enjoy and critique. Thank you for following the story.
April 15 at 9:25PM

Daniel J. Darcey: I'm back after weeks or none stop work. Now the day before Christmas I will start releasing the third novel in my Kingdoms and Empires Series. It is call Redemption. I hope you enjoy. It is a work in progress and will be slower to release then my last two novels. Just FYI.
December 23 at 9:21PM

Daniel J. Darcey: Kingdoms and Empires II: Rise of the Federation is now complete. Feel free to read, comment, and enjoy this novel. Suggestions are also welcome.
November 1 at 8:41PM
    lindalcreel: I know that you've been out of town. I hope that your trip is going well and they're giving you some free time to work on that novel. Just finished the last chapter of my book and am starting on the next series, also working on a stand alone. Got to keep the old mind sharp. lol Hope you come back safe and soon:)
    November 16 at 11:25PM
    Daniel J. Darcey: I just came back. I need to read several chapters to catch up. Glad that your working on the next book of your series. A stand alone will be interesting. Can't wait to read. ^_^
    November 19 at 3:18PM
    lindalcreel: I hope you had a great trip and a Happy Thanksgiving. Looking forward to catching up. Going out of town on Saturday morning; a couple of days at St. Simon's. Should be back on Monday night. Will catch up with you then.
    November 29 at 11:06PM
    lindalcreel: Haven't heard from you in a while; hope all is well. Looking forward to catching up on the next chapters of the book. I've had company this last week and more coming. We went to the island after Thanksgiving and while it was great to get away, my writing has really suffered. Trying to get at least one chapter written every day, but there is always some interruption. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Take care:)
    December 10 at 9:09PM

Daniel J. Darcey: I have begun to post my second novel in the series. Kingdoms and Empires II: Rise of the Federation. Feel free to read and review.
September 30 at 9:19PM

Daniel J. Darcey: My first novel is now fully posted. It is 38 chapters long with several chapters broken up to make them more manageable. Feel free to read, review, comment, and enjoy Kingdoms and Empires: Dark Rage.
On Monday I'll begin posting my second novel which is the sequel to this one. Kingdoms and Empires: Rise of the Federation. I hope that you the reader enjoys the series. Suggestions are always welcomed.
September 29 at 2:16AM

Daniel J. Darcey: Well my first novel is half way through. So far every one seems to be enjoying it. I hope that the second half will be just a enjoyable. As always suggestion are always welcome. Thank you to all who review and comment, and a special thanks to my new fans and their comments and ideas.
September 13 at 2:18PM

Daniel J. Darcey: By popular request, I have begun to break down my longest chapters so that they are more comfortable to be read. Suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy
September 9 at 4:36PM
    Reachingforthestars: Dropping in to say hello and a belated welcome to Fanstory, Daniel. (In the lions' den??) :)
    October 14 at 10:07AM
    Daniel J. Darcey: Thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate your kind greeting. ^_^ Pleased to meet you too.
    October 14 at 3:44PM

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