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Location: west indies
Gender: Male
Born: 06/01/1987
Interests: graphic arts
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2012
Everything in life has a meaning,even you,even i but a broken heart sees no reasons just a memory of a bitter pain.
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slyfoxx: Title: THE QUEST FOR LOVE

The quest for love i can't resists,
though i know not what i may find,
this need for you i must insists,
though you may wish me far behind.
Of all the things i cannot share,
the truth,the light,your love within,
i know not of a beauty so fair
but to leave you alone would be a sin.
So don't despair,my little one
my love for you will find a way,
even if my heart comes undone,
our love will never fade away.
As long as you believe in me,
our love shall last till eternity.
February 24 at 1:06PM

slyfoxx: TItle--- so here's an ABC poem.

Bring me a bunch of roses,she said,
cradle in the arms of true love,
dressed it up with milk chocolates,
essentials to the buds of life,
sptinkle it with honey and let it
linger there,after all,what's love
without the taste of sweetness in
the air.
February 24 at 4:08AM

slyfoxx: Title---No other love

Beneath the lush green hills,
under the mist of scattered skies,
where lies the sweet scented dafodills,
I confess my love before your eyes.
All that i am feeling,
you can see it in my eyes,
your love so intoxicating,
I need not speak no lies.
For i know of nothing sweeter
touching you,holding you tight,
being with you is all that matter,
loving you feels so right.
Still my heart will openly confess,
i know of no other love but my
beloved who's the best.
February 24 at 3:14AM

slyfoxx: Title--Reflections

So lately,been thinking when was
the last time i saw you face,It
seems like a lifetime i;ve spent
with you,never knowing i'd be
Now i can't find a reason to
show you how much i've change,
still i feel you,with every
breath,when i;m lonely,nothing
stays the same.
I know that i've hurt you and
cause you so much pain but now
i;m so broken,like a shadow i
can feel you slipping away.
still i need you,like a heartbeat
cause i've fallen and i've lost
my way.
If i could,i would,i'd go back
to the first time we ever kiss
and i would know better than i
know now,cause you're the one
i truely miss.
So now that i've confess all my
weakness to you,i'll pray that
you'll grant me one last wish.
if i could,i would,i'd give you
my heart and pray that you'll
seal it with one last kiss.
February 24 at 2:34AM


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