Andy Is Born Chapter 38
My first son comes into the world.
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Location: Chapel Hill, NC. Earth.
Gender: Female
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Joined: August 2010
My "real" name is Angela. I am a Knight because I graduated from St. Andrews Presbyterian College in May 2008. I enjoy all kinds of stories, music, poems and people. I have Cerebral Palsy and drive a wheelchair--part but not all of who I am. My degree is in American Studies, mostly English and history. I love life in general and I hope to live up to my pen name, which is partially inspired by the trademark slogan of
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ruminative scribbler
Lise Deangelo
TAB_that's me
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TAB_that's me
Lise Deangelo
Day Z Chayn
LoveLifeKnight: ............Just enjoy the show
February 28 at 5:47PM
    Lovinia: I have been off for ages also. Just sharing cookies and milk with some of my chums before I catch up. Yes, enjoying the SHOW for sure!! Love & Hugs - Lovinia xoxo

    March 11 at 10:16PM

LoveLifeKnight: so glad to be back....i missed everyone so much, even the ones i dont know yet!!
December 30 at 11:20PM

LoveLifeKnight: So, I am no longer a perpetual Fanstory loser, but my soul is always with the underdog! Good things really do happen when you least expect them.

Thanks to all those who read, reviewed and voted for my poem--Womans Soul--and missy98writer for creating the Celebrating Women contest!!!
May 3 at 8:44PM
    Gungalo: Congratulations sweet girl on winning first place in that contest. You deserve it big time!!!
    May 6 at 1:40PM
    roserock: Congrats sweetie on your win. I read your poem, "woman's soul" It was beautifully written and you more than deserved to win:)
    May 21 at 3:06PM
    country ranch writer: there are no losers here even if you do not win you consider this a learning time and you will get better. never give up it took me forever to get noticed you will be noticed too all of you!people on fan story are helpful if you let then explain to you how to do something to you with out taking offense
    February 27 at 5:52PM

LoveLifeKnight: When you have trouble understanding or appreciating a review, just say " ok, thank you" for the time and move on. I'm saving an even bigger thanks for those honest reviewers and friends who do understand.... THANK YOU!!!
April 30 at 12:07AM
    themanicdude: I thought I was the only one doing that. lol It's nice to know I'm not the only one.
    April 30 at 2:09AM
    Gungalo: I so agree, girl!!!!
    May 6 at 1:41PM

LoveLifeKnight: I would like to congratulate Lee, themanicdude on winning the Soul Song of a Loser contest and everyone who participated on writing great poems!!!! thanks!! Let's do it again soon!
April 29 at 11:51AM

LoveLifeKnight: I'm holding a contest for people who have never won! So if you're a proud loser like me, please enter! This is YOUR chance!!
March 23 at 9:04PM
    LateBloomer: Great idea ... I think I once won. I love the concept.
    March 23 at 9:16PM
    March 24 at 10:06AM
    Val Crisson: Bravo! For forming the "The Soul of a Loser Contest". I have won one contest, but I feel for those who never do! It does get tiresome to see the same names constantly
    March 28 at 10:09AM
    sasil: I placed 3rd in free-verse last month--does that count? How does one enter your contest for the non-winners?
    March 28 at 9:50PM
    LoveLifeKnight: not sure...but congratulations!! it should be in the contest listing under soul song of loser--or linked to my entry " i dare you"
    March 29 at 7:56PM
    lola29: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your wishes and dreams come true.
    April 21 at 5:26PM
    LoveLifeKnight: thanks!the losers booth is open!!!! everybody remember to vote, so many great entries!!!
    April 25 at 12:03PM

LoveLifeKnight: Have a wonderful new year, my friends!!! Make your lives EXTRAORDINARY!
December 31 at 10:49AM

LoveLifeKnight: I'm having a holiday movie review contest, please get some hot chocolate and come play with me!! lol
December 16 at 8:26PM
    LoveLifeKnight: i would like to offer a big thanks to all who entered my contest and beat me at my own game! it was a fun one. bah humbug and happy holidays!!
    December 20 at 3:25PM
    richard7: Have a fun lazy TV day and fine Christmas time LLK!

    merry christmas 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
    December 22 at 5:37AM
    LoveLifeKnight: thanks friend, i love it!! be merry
    December 23 at 1:30PM

LoveLifeKnight: Today was my first recognition, for "Now Open Them!" It's really a poem about gratitude, so I just wanted to thank all of you for the encouragement, support and friendship you've given me--especially those who have voted for me, or offered their advice!
October 1 at 12:56PM
    Nan Beeson: Welcome to FanStory.

    I will looking forward to reading your posts.

    November 5 at 12:55PM
    Angotti: Thank you for using my photograph. I feel honored.
    November 27 at 12:31AM
    LoveLifeKnight: well, me too!! it was great one!
    November 27 at 11:11AM

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