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Location: the moon
Gender: Male
Born: Lake Preston, SD
Interests: are miracles.
Member: Premier Author
Joined: August 2009

I'm a thing which loves to write
and read, whatever words I find
but mostly write/read philosophy,
and equally frequently, poetry.

If you love to write,
we're two of a kind,
although, most likely,
with two different minds.

I have been writing a book for over thirty years. I plan to continue working on it here on FS. A book of poems called In the Midst of Good and Evil.

I quasi-figure "everything" is everything else as well, and go from there.

(I'm ill-equipped to choose a favorite quote)
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Maureen Napier
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Maureen Napier
Xylok: Interviewing You!

1 - Do you believe there are living beings that exist in outer space somewhere in any dimension, of whatever shape or size, but living, that did not originate from Earth, or that there ever has been alien life out there, or if none of that, then that one day aliens will just up and originate out there the way life on Earth seems to have (assuming Earth life originated on Earth that is, cuz did it, I don't know...)

2 - Do you believe governments around the world, or at least one govt. knows about the aliens, talks with them, interacts with them, and that they hide alien space ships and alien technology from us integrating it into society as some scientists 'discovery' or some new invention like the micro chip or lasers and antigravity and hovering electromagnetic train technology and what not and that they lie to cover it up, the truth about aliens, and that they kill people who can prove to societies globally that aliens exist so as to prevent the secret from leaking; that they wage silent war against ufologists to discredit and imprison and threaten and frame them up to and including murdering them to maintain the status quo?

3 - Do you believe aliens abduct humans without human consent to study them and or torture and or delight them with gifts and insight and star trips and or just to meet a human, or for any number of other reasons or agendas?

4 - How many different species or races or types of extra terrestrial biological or interdimensional shape shifting entities are there, and what is the total population of all of them combined and is it growing or shrinking?

5 - How advanced would a civilization be if it started its civilization over ten billion years ago? Advanced enough to build interstellar ships, to communicate telepathically, to use black holes and wormholes for long trips through space, to regenerate wounds, to prolong other animals' lives, or end them with a blink? What isn't possible again?

6 - What do YOU think the phoenix lights actually were, or are you in the minority who believe all the different angles of the same thing taken by hundreds of people on cell phones from what it looks like to experts are part of a coincidence, or a mass hoax put together by thousands of Arizona residents including honest folk and the Governor of the state AT THE TIME, who also made no qualms about detailing what he saw, what they all saw, what the government's explanation of magnesium flares clearly does not it a plane, a blimp, swamp gas, a cosmological anomolie, for many minutes hovering silently over many miles, in front of many eyes, none of which can say what it was other than that they all basically describe it the same, cuz think about it, ten thousand people wouldn't even describe an apple the same, but the similarities in their story are undeniable, so if it's not aliens, what is it, and if its the governments Lockheed skunkworks or Raytheon black ops project stuff why would they hover it over phoenix like that, without warning, knowing full well thousands of people would see it...just, tell me what you think it is other than I don't know what it is,,,i know you don't know...what is your guess, or what would your guess be, if you had to make one or else the world would explode? aliens? if not, WHAT?

short version:

long version:

August 23 at 9:57PM
    William Walz: Did you see that new film where the aliens bombard earth with their own feces in order to destroy us? It's called CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE TURD KIND.
    August 23 at 10:46PM
    michaelcahill: Unfamiliar with our true nature, they only made us more powerful!
    August 24 at 4:02PM
    michaelcahill: The serious answer is: We are the superior life form in the universe. There are no aliens visiting.
    August 24 at 4:03PM
    William Walz: Thinking man is alone in the universe is naive at best. Believing aliens have crossed light years for what amounts to a touch-and-go is a flight of fancy impossible to accept by any reasonable intellect.
    August 24 at 5:46PM
    michaelcahill: I could buy the argument that they wouldn't bother with us. That's reasonable.
    August 24 at 10:27PM
    Xylok: lol to that movie! I have to check it out. sounds 'disturding but' entertaining.
    If a civilization began billions of years ago, do you REALLY think interstellar travel is beyond them now? think of it this way, will it take humanity billions of years to evolve into a species capable of interstellar touch and goes? or should that be gos? not sure, but question remains the same. it may seem unreasonable but that could be cuz the person reasoning isn't noticing certain, or the right, or most relevant things/truths/facts/information/theory/experiment, etc.

    it used to seem "reasonable" to conclude the sun revolved around a flat earth too. life comes in many forms here on earth, and tartigrades and other extremophiles are known to exist in over three hundred below and over three hundred above zero, farenheit, can live without water, without air, without light, literally in space, and it's been tested, IN SPACE, so how can we be so sure there isn't life out there? how? who has checked the whole universe and all its dimensions thoroughly enough to have verified that, besides God or answers like that; I mean what person or plant or animal of any kind knows that?
    August 25 at 3:59AM


June 15 at 4:59PM
    pearlecat: this is the greatest speech! I wish everyone would read and absorb it.
    July 29 at 9:57AM
    Xylok: :)
    August 25 at 4:05AM

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