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Location: Baltimore Maryland USA
Gender: Female
Born: August 13
Interests: Writing, reading, my children, travel
Member: Standard
Joined: May 2009
Dymonz is an author, mother, wife and entrepreneur - which has its challenges. She has written articles for various periodic publications, and is the creator and editor-in-chief of a bi-monthly newsletter. Dymonz has participated in a national writing competition, winning third place, and has mentored university students on writing.

Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. Her diverse experiences from childhood and during her adult years often are the inspiration for her work. Born and raised in Maryland, which remains dear to her, you will find many of Dymonz's backdrops reminiscent of childhood times past. Her current work in progress deals with coming of age - both chronologically and spiritually. Dymonz's focus over the last year has been on putting self first, getting down to business with her writing, and continuing her mentoring.

Dymonz also is in the process of opening a unique bookstore/community center which will feature new authors and self published ("Indie") authors. She believes that everyone has a voice and there should be nothing that prevents a new and/or self published author from having that voice in as many bookstores as a seasoned author, nor should they shine any less brightly (unless of course their writing isn't good...).

Blessed with a loving husband, three handsome sons, and a beautiful granddaughter, Dymonz has all the support and encouragement necessary in this business. Her husband has taught her how to slow down and "do her" rather than always being there helping someone else and neglecting self. An avid reader, writing is only the next logical progression...
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