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Location: Florida
Gender: Female
Born: 4/14/1988
Interests: Reading, writing, painting with watercolors, dancing, music, watercolor, Pet Groomer
Member: Premier Author
Joined: February 2007
My name is Laidy.

I was placed into the foster care system for adoption when I was 3 years old. I got out cuz I was adopted by the perfect family. And I lived ma lyfe...

When I was 14 years old, i got placed back into "the system", which is foster care. I was in the care of ACS, in NYC. From there, I was set into a group home (the watts), and was told what to do and when to do it. It was not easy. Being that age, not many families want to adopt you. From that age I knew it was going to be hard. I would never have a family to call my own. I felt like no one wanted me. Being in the system was hard, but I had been through tougher situations then this already. I aged out, at 18 and did great things for myself as you can see. I have a lot to show for it. Staying positive is the best advice I can give to anyone out there that are struggle.

Published my 1st magazine article, in the magazine "REPRESENT!", at age 15. After I did, I continued to write for them. ***Represent! is a national magazine written by and for young people in the foster care system. Through personal narratives and reported stories, our teen staff provide an inside look at life in the system that other teens in care can connect with. Teen readers report that the magazine makes them feel less alone and gives them practical insights into handling the challenges they face. The magazine is also an invaluable resource for adults. Staff, policymakers and foster parents report that reading Represent helps them understand the lives of young people in care in new ways.

...I am now 25, a published author of several poetic novels/books, I am currently writing a book called,"Animal Control". I am married and with (3) children. I have a career (writer) and am a (military/army) veteran. I now am a Pet Groomer/Pet Cosmotologist/Stylist, and I am in school for Vet Tech. Currently attending ITA in FL.

I have written many poems on I used to write for a magazine, "Represent". I have been published by Howard Ely, in several poetic books.

My goal as a writer/poet is to become the new age Edgar Allen Poe for the Millennium era.

I believe in God. And He is alwais there with me.
if i try maybe i'll succeed, if i don't nothing will be accomplished- laidy
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Laidy: love is like a feather
February 4 at 8:54PM

Laidy: If everyone that viewed a post would review we would all have more ribbons to our work and more input in how to make it better. That is all.
November 21 at 12:55AM
    William Walz: As likely as the cow jumping over the moon.
    November 21 at 9:08AM
    nor84: Having someone who doesn't like your genre might not be a good idea. Ditto having someone who doesn't understand poetry review your poem.
    November 21 at 4:47PM
    DIS-illusioned: If only pigs could fight karate ... Oh, wait, 'pork-chops'. :-D)
    November 21 at 6:08PM

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