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Short and Colorful
Write a poem which incorporates at least two colors. The idea is to use colors to infer meaning. Poem may be rhyming or not.
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  12 of 18 30.00 member dollars Contests
Double Acrostic
Write a double acrostic, meaning that the first
word and the last word of each line will start
with the same letter.
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  13 of 18 25.00 member dollars sweetwoodjax
One Secret, A Shackle and Burgundy

Please write a Mystery and Crime script based off the following criteria:

A secret between two individuals

A shackle used at some point

And the color Burgundy

(A picture used for your script is highly encouraged. 600 words max)
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  14 of 16 10.00 member dollars LeannaP
Disco Inferno Poem
For all of you disco fans... Write a poem of any form or style in appreciation of the disco era. Burn baby, burn!
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  16 of 18 10.00 member dollars Contests
oopsie daisy
You are standing in a field of daisies and then all of a sudden, something happens.What?

Please write a short (700 words max) script of any style you like.

A picture to help illustrate your piece is encouraged.
5.00 member dollars  Script  14 of 16 10.00 member dollars LeannaP
There are so many earthquakes in the world, write a poem about earthquakes.
4.00 member dollars  Poetry  17 of 18 4.00 member dollars Barb Hensongispsaca
You are challenged to write a story about a kidnapping. Maximum word count is 500 words.
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  17 of 18 5.00 member dollars Contests
She didn't lock her door
Write a poem or short story beginning with the words 'She didn't lock her door...' This may stand alone or be a part of a sentence. Maximum word count: 1,000.
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  17 of 18 5.00 member dollars Contests
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