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Opposites Attract
The topic for this contest is: Opposites Attract. Romeo and Juliet, Ross and Rachel, these are couples that were opposites yet found love with one another. In this contest write a story about a couple that is opposite but yet drawn to one another.
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Please write a poem, free verse OR rhymed, on the theme of a 'TWO DIFFERENT species of animal confrontation'. It could end in a stand-off, escape OR death (cruel OR as prey to be eaten).


NO eagle or wolf themes.

ONE of the TWO characters MAY be human, OR NOT.

No mythical or extinct animals.

Min 100 words, max 170 words.

ONE piece of artwork allowed, but must be above and separate from the text.

Word count must be stated in 'description' above title - nothing else there.

No author notes.

Plain type, with no highlighting of words (italics, bold type, etc.).

Must be TWO colour presentation (one background, and one foreground).

Straight lines with no 'staggering'.

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Can you take the TITLE of a Christmas Carol or a Hannakah song and change one word? Then write a poem about it.The body of the poem does not have to be holiday oriented.
Example: "Silent Night" could be "Silent Day" or "Violent Night" or about any subject that fits your title. "Oh Little Town of Hollywood" --fill in any word--'Your poem can be any style , Be clever and creative, funny or serious...

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Write a scene in which your main character receives a strange looking letter beat up with stains on its cover. The letter has no return address. What's in it? How does your character react to the contents once it is opened and why?

5.00 member dollars  Fiction  17 of 18 5.00 member dollars Contests
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