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Jannypan (Jan)
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update on tech ???

   Thread Started November 5 at 10:11AM

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I feel like the Geico gecko when he is standing there screaming "Somebody help me," in one of their commercials. I am about to give up.

Ok, I have done everything I can think off the fix this issue.
I have deleted stuff, reset browser, changed security settings . . .
Nothing has changed.

I still don't have access to changing the text color when posting.
I am using the 'latest' version of FS. There is no 'A' choice on
my computer that allows color choices. All I have is white text.
I can change the background color, but it only shows black to me.

My latest work looks ok to me, but some reviewers said no. That is
fine but I don't know what else to do. On my screen there is white text
showing on a black background. Seems to show up ok. I would like, prefer,
to select my own colors. I have been dealing with this since Oct. 22.

As far as I know, I didn't do anything to cause this problem. I saw
the posting page looked weird, but I thought it was the same for
everyone. I am really discouraged that my work isn't right. Until
this changes, I will not be posting. I have never had something like
this happen. My computer is less than a year old. Before Oct.22, it worked

Thanks for reading. Jan


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RE: update on tech ???

Reply on November 5, 2017 06:02 PM
As I told you in your other post, there are supposed to be two A symbols on your computer screen when you are in Edit mode. If they are not there, Tom is the only one who can help you. IMPORTANT: Tell him what you are using, i.e., I am using Windows 10, or Windows 7, Vista, or whatever, and I don't see the two A symbols Norma mentioned. The copy/paste my earlier message and ask him for help. They are there, in NEW FANSTORY, available from your edit screen. You may also want to tell Tom you are not technically inclined.

A computer store should be your last resort here. It seems to be an issue between whatever software you're running and Fanstory.


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