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   Thread Started December 4 at 7:13AM

I notice something that continuously comes up on this site is the questioning of certain words that apparently don't phonetically rhyme in America but rhyme in other English speaking countries that have a different pronunciation or different spelling .
Examples of these which are common and are flagged by many reviewers is world and held
In Australia for instance world and held phonetically rhyme
As regards spelling Americans tend to drop the "u" in words such as favourite, flavour, savour odour etc
It doesn't mean either are wrong it just depends on what country you originate from and seeing FanStory is an American site these so called miss spelt words and non rhyming words are different to other countries.

just thought I would clear that up

respectfully Dip

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Reply on December 4, 2017 08:57 AM

Yes dip, that's been brought up before, and although this is an American site, there are member from all over the world here...I've seen word spelling, and rhyming questioned, but I do think the reviewer should be aware of that, and if a question arises, one can easily look at the writers profile, and the answer to that question might show...I don''t think there should be a right or wrong...unless its stated that only American word spelling, and rhyming will be accepted..and I hope that never happens...its what those words are saying that counts, not the difference in one letter, or more...but then that's just my opinion...

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