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The final chapter of Flower Power.

A chapter in the book Power of the Flower: Flower Power

Flower Power's Full Circle

by Rasmine

I would like to thank everyone for following the adventures of Flower Power. I asked Mark for a picture for this one; just waiting for it. :)
Please, if you find any typos, let me know. :P

Flower Power stood by the door in all his superhero glory.  He had by now, helped millions of living beings, including humans, all over the globe. 

Goldie, his beloved Sensei, had moved back to her home country before passing into another life.  She had wanted to see Vietnam.  On the way, she spread the news of Flower Power. 

Flower looked down at what he was holding in both leaves.  He watched his twin babies sleep.  Rose, his love interest for over eleven years, called to him from their bed. 

“I’m so tired.  Could you please take care of them for a few hours?”  She closed her eyes and soon quiet snoring filled the room. 

I’m complete.

His eyes filled with tears as he hugged his babies to his stem chest.  Flower smiled at each baby as they slept. 

Everyone is sleeping but me.

At that moment, he realized everything was balanced by everything else.  And the universe was complete on his end. 

He had asked Rose to marry him last year.  Now in August, 
his flowerlings had been born.  

The flowerlings he first taught were graduating high school!  Mrs. Petals had retired and now lived with Flower and Rose.  She wanted them to call her Violet, but Flower always addressed her as Mrs. Petals.  It was the same way he had always addressed Goldie as ‘Sensei’. 

I really miss her! 

He wondered where her spirit went; his eyes filled with tears again. 

Wish she could see the babies.

“I am here Flower.”

“What?”  He looked over at his wife but she had rolled over on her side.  Flower smiled hoping she was having good dreams. 

A mist formed in front of his eyes.  He blinked away the tears.  Goldie’s form filled his vision.  The mist fading but not altogether. 

“Flower, I am in the next realm.  It is beautiful here.  You have come full circle.”  She looked lovingly at his baby girl and boy.  “They are adorable, Flower.”

“Sensei,” Flower’s cheeks flooded with tears and he couldn’t continue. 

“Don’t cry, Flower.  Let me see the babies.”  She walked over and looked at one baby and the other.  One was a rose, the other a daisy.  “Are they boys?”

“No, Daisy,” he indicated the girl 
flowerling, “is a girl, and Rosal,” he held up the Rose, “is the boy.”

Goldie smiled with her diamond eyes twinkling. 

“Sensei, what is it like there?”

“On the other side of life?”

“Yes.”  Flower held his babies close.

“Flower, there is nothing to be afraid of, it is beautiful and full of love.”  She looked behind her.  “Flower, I need to get going.  Just keep doing what you are doing.  I see, know, and am so proud!”  Goldie kissed both babies and touched Flower’s cheek.  “Goodbye, my dear Flower.”

He smiled goodbye, then turned to a waking Rose. 

Life is awesome!

Everyone, always think, speak, and act with love.  Teach the children to do this!  It is hard; I struggle all the time. 



TY, for finding SPAGS!! It's much appreciated. :)

Chapter one: Flower Power saves Rose, his love interest, from being thrown out by her owner. He is hesitant, a bit when asked what he would do to save Rose.
Chapter two: He meets Jay, a blue jay, who laughs at him. He handles this by punching him. Jay sees that he may need some training so he tells him about a golden dragonfly, Goldie, who has some magic.
Chapter three: Flower flies over the pond in search of Goldie. Finally, he discovers her and is invited into her home.
Chapter four: Goldie teaches Flower Power Aikido, and why superheroes don't resort to violence.
Chapter five: (missing chapter--if any of you find it please let me know where in my portfolio it is. Thank you.) Flower Power apologizes to Jay.
Chapter six: Flys back to Goldie for more training.
Chapter seven: Flower Power gets a lesson in not hurting anyone's feelings and why.
Chapter eight: Flower Power learns the lessons of personal hygiene, and keeping your living space clean.
Chapter nine: Flower Power meets Black-eyed Susan's.
Chapter ten: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about why he is a superhero.
Chapter eleven: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about disabilities.
Chapter twelve: Goldie and Flower part ways. He is done with his lessons and ready to embark on his adventures!
Chapter thirteen: Flower saves a bunch of homes, including his friend Jay's babies, from a strong tornado.
Chapter fourteen: Flower teaches an elementary class about manners.
Chapter fifteen: Flower teaches children about bullying and helps with self-love exercises.
Chapter sixteen: A continuation of bullying lesson with appreciating others.
Chapter seventeen: Mrs. Petals meets Goldie. Flower talks more about self-esteem.
Chapter eighteen: Flower Power addresses an assembly of parents, teachers, and flowerlings. He expresses his belief that bullies have low self-esteem.
Chapter nineteen: Another assembly is called to introduce Dr. Aster, a psychologist, who informs flowers of 'narcissism', which is a bully with high self-esteem.
Chapter twenty: (not under Power of the Flower but loose in my profile) This is a response to the latest school shooting in Parkland, FL.
Chapter twenty-one: Flower and Mrs. Petals talk about school bullying. This leads to the teacher or parent/caregiver asking the children about what could be done about bullying.
Chapter twenty-two: Flower Power teaches about going with a stranger. There is a classroom practice.
Chapter twenty-three: Flower attends a school practice dealing with going with a stranger.
Chapter twenty-four: Mrs. Petals tells Flower about a flowerling, Tulip Row, who is being hurt by her father. They fly to the Row home and Flower saves her.
Chapter twenty-five: Flower Power teaches the children some catchphrases to try to help the flowerlings if they find themselves in a tough spot.
Chapter twenty-six: Flower Power attends an assembly where the whole school is taught and practices, the catchphrases.
Continued with the last chapter up above.
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