Letters and Diary Poetry posted January 22, 2018

This work has reached the exceptional level
all good things come to an end...

Much Love...

by Tier V. King

Last year, you and I,
we had become - or we became,
and since then...
nothing in my life - has ever been the same.


suddenly my life was like --

a run to be so funnily...running through a field
of something like - purple loosestrife,
or so wonderfully living in a brand new world,
or something like - a purple paradise,
but oh...
how I found that I constantly fantasized...
which has forced me to realize...

I've been climbing towering mountains - that weren't really there.
I've been flying out far with the stars and chilling with them in mid-air,

I've been developing a more eloquent use of words
and a more elegant savoir faire
while meeting sophisticated women and some gentlemen,
who are all so debonair.
yet I traveled around the world with you,
to many different countries - in my mind
but this started to seem - to be the one thing
that I did - with all of my time.

My family and friends,
they've said that they've noticed
that you had become my new truth.
You had become my favorite thing to do
and this was not so hard for them to prove.
They simply had to show me all of the time
that I spent in my reviews for you.
And so,
I realize that our time must end, I must bid you adieu,
in hopes that what ensues this end...will not be my eschew of you.

It's just that each time I behold you, love,
I lose my self-control.
My love for you forever grows,
even deeper,
and this just can't be so,

it just can't stay so...

and so...
I simply must let go

much love...

Poem of the Month contest entry


purple loosestrife: a perennial Eurasian marsh herb (Lythrum salicaria) of the loosestrife family that is naturalized in eastern North America and has long spikes of purple flowers

eschew: deliberately avoid using; abstain from: "he appealed to the crowd to eschew violence"

Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to mention some of you, who have been so special to me. You have become a very big part of my life and we have developed a friendship that I hope will not end here. I am really thinkin off of the top of my head so if I don't mention someone, please do not be offended. I wanted to give a special thanks to:

Meia(MESAYERS), SisCat, RG Star, Mustang Patty, Poetic Friend, YNWA, DR. DIP, estory, Cheryly l, Dolly's Poems, Maria Jose Garcia, Bucketlist, Barb Hensongispsaca, Kiwigirl2821, Lyenochka, Roy Owen, Gert Sherwood, Mel B, Ideasaregems - Dawn, Dean Kuch, Nomi338, Ricky1024, Joy Graham, Thomas Bowling, Fxstslisa, Cass Carlton, Kathleenspalding, Teri7 and Possumagic...

I hope I haven't forgotten to mention anyone. You have been loyal supporters of my work and there are four of you who have remained mentors for me. I will continue to reach for you in my absence here. You know who you are...

Unfortunately, my membership will expire on February 10, 2018. I have really enjoyed my time here with you. Fan Story has been an exciting, interesting and new world for me. I have devoted most of my time here learning new forms of poetry and writing. I have devoted about six to seven hours a night, for mostly five nights a week, reading and reviewing the most awesome poems and short stories. Until the membership expiration date, I will continue to read and review as much of your works as possible. I will also post a few more poems and short stories.

I came to Fan Story to learn how to write and to become better with my poetry. I enjoy my poetic license but I do not consider myself to be the best at writing anything.

I published my first book "Is There Brilliance in Resilience?" but shortly after, I realized that I published it too quickly. I did not have it proofread or edited and so the result of this was that I was not happy with my first published book of poetry. I am pulling the book again to perfect it.

This book was a prelude to my autobiography. I also promised the audience at my son's funeral that I would be publishing his poetry. However, I was not able to find enough of his poetry to publish a full book of it. My children and I rushed to write enough poetry of our own - to create a full book of poems. The result was forty-eight excellent poems. I was happy with it but the poetry needed to be polished and perfected. This is what you (Fan Story) did for me. I shall never forget this or you. I will be taking a writing course and concentrating on my poetry and my next book, my life story.

Yet there are just so many other important things in my life that took back seat to my time here. My ministry - (relationship with GOD), my husband, my children, my other talents and hobbies, this all must get my attention.

I just couldn't balance it all out with the time and attention that I was putting into my membership here. It's like Poetic Friend said in her exit poem and letter, " I am committed to reading and reviewing all of my fan's and friend's work." If anyone reads my work, I commit myself to reading their work, if I could. I don't like to half do anything. perhaps in the future, I may return but especially after I have completed all of the above.

Unfortunately, I had to make this decision but I will miss the most of you. Some of you already have my information. I hope that you will use it from time to time. We can stay in touch as there are so many other ways.

As RG Star always says, "Best wishes." I do wish you all the best and as usual, much love...
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