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A Flower Power book.

A chapter in the book Power of the Flower: Flower Power

Bullying be gone Part II

by Rasmine

Flower Power flew over to the elementary school.  He had a meeting with Mrs. Petals.  He landed on the stairs, and Mrs. Petals stepped out of the door. 

“Flower!”  She gave him a warm hug. 

“Mrs. Petals!”  He hugged back. 

“Flower,” she said stepping back, “it’s been months!  The children are doing their self-love statements every morning.  They seem to be getting along better.  I did hear one argument between two flowerlings saying ‘I’m more loving than you.’  I was confused.  Did you teach this so that they would learn more self-love and then not want to bully another flowerling, or is this the beginning of something else?”

He grinned at her.  “Yes.”

“Is it what they like about another?”

“Yes.  I thought loving themselves would come naturally, but this may be harder, however, it may be easier if you are leading them.”

“Are you going to come in and teach them this?”

“I can.  What time is good for you?”

She looked towards the door.  “How about nine tomorrow morning?”

He nodded as she entered the door. 

“Thank you, Flower.”
The next day, the superhero daisy flew through the sky towards Quill Elementary.  He stopped on a branch hoping to see his friend Jay, but he wasn’t there.  He then started to smile; he would surprise Rose.  He took off and flew to her human’s sill. 


He ran over to her and they hugged. 

“I can’t stay long Rose; I have to be at the elementary school for a lecture I’m giving."

“It’s okay, Flower.  I’m excited about something.  My siblings are still sleeping so let me be more quiet.”

Flower watched her pull her stem out of the dirt.  She then stood upright and walked on her leaves to him.
“Your friend Goldie came here and showed me how to walk.  Isn’t that great?”

“That’s great Rose.”  He gave her a big hug and then kissed her on the cheek.  “Can you go for a ride with me after class?”


They hugged again, and then Flower took off. 
“Hello, Flowerlings.”

“Hi, Mr. Flower Power.”

He was glad they didn’t go wild like they did before, but then they started to chant.

“Flower Power, Flower Power, Flower Power.”

“Okay,” Flower began, “please, Flowerlings, we have some important work to do.”

“What are we doing Mr. Power?”

“Today, we are going to say what we like about another flowerling.  You did a few months of self-love statements, and now it is time to say what we like about others.”  He smiled at Mrs. Petals.  “If Mrs. Petals will come up, I will demonstrate it.”

She came up to the front of the class and stood next to him smiling.

“Okay, Mrs. Petals, I will say what I like about you.  Are you ready?”

She nodded up at him.  “Yes.”

“I like that you are a caring teacher, Mrs. Petals.  I like that you support and care about young Flowerlings.”

The teacher had tears in her eyes.  She took his hand. 

“Oh, Flower!  Let me do it too.”

He nodded at her.

“Flower, I like the grown-up daisy you have become.  I am so proud of you.”

They gave each other a hug.  Mrs. Petals then went to sit back down.

“Okay, can I have a couple of volunteers?”  He smiled.  “They will come up here and do what Mrs. Petals and I just did.”

Everyone raised their hands, waving them wildly.  Flower called upon Aurora, one of the black-eyed Susan twins, and Seedling-Row, the depressed flowerling he had helped. 

“You two know what to do right?”

They both nodded and grinned at each other.

“Okay, I’ll be over there with Mrs. Petals.”

For the first minute, both Flowerlings laughed and looked at each other shyly.

“Okay,” Flower called, “Aurora, what do you like about Seedling?”

She looked at her sister and back at Flower Power.  “I like that he is funny.”

“Okay, sweetie, but say it to him.”

She nodded and turned to Seedling.  “I like that,” she lowered her eyes and voice, “you are funny.”

“Okay, Seedling, your turn.”

“I like you, Aurora, because you are nice.”

Aurora blushed, her petals becoming a dark gold.  “Thank you.”

Seedling smiled at her.  “Thank you, too.”

They both turned to Flower and Mrs. Petals. 

“Okay,” Flower said, “that was great you two.” 
Later, when Flower was heading home, he thought what a great day this turned out to be.



TY, MKFlood, for your very awesome art!!!!!!!

I wrote this very long ago. We have to combat bullying in the classroom, and so on. If children learn to love themselves and then see the good in another that is the first step.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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