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What I learned on here from ALL of you!!!!!!!!!!!

I learned on here -- examples!

by Rasmine

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When I first came here, I thought I was a great writer.  I never got published, so what does that tell you?  :P   Well, I tried, but I had (and have) more to improve.  For example:

He read about poltergeists, residual area and people hauntings.   He knew that no one was haunted and then bit the side of his tongue.  He recalled the conversation he had with his dad—perhaps he was haunted?  Maybe even possessed?  That thought had him give a guffaw—there was no way his father would possess him.  The smiled faded from his face—was he really sure of that?  
I wrote this about 15 or so, years ago.  Here is what I learned:

Marcus popped the microfishe into the machine.  He started flipping through newspaper article and ads.  I know no one is haunted, that's silly superstition!  He bit the side of his mouth and looked up.  But what if someone close to me is haunting me!  He laughed, shook his head, and continued reseaching.  The smile faded from his face.  Am I really that sure, though?

I think the later is better with thought.  I learned that from here!  So, I thank all of you.  I also learned about passive telling -- OMG, what an enemy that is to a writer.  It makes your words looks like static water, and shows how you are forcing words like 'countenance' for 'face' or stabbing sentences.  By that I mean sentences that kind of stab you in the eyes, and agents are saying 'For real? You are writing shit like this and trying to publish it?  I mean really.' 

The former paragraph sucked big time.  I may rewrite ... I may not.  If I get a lot of pressure from people who like the story, maybe I will, but for now, I want to write new stuff. 

Tom, thank you, for this site.  I have learned a lot, and I appreciate it.  Please, all of you, no matter if you are Stephen King, there is room for improvement -- always.  I'm reading Edgar Allan Poe, and I see a lot of little errors.  It doesn't matter; no matter if King wrote on toilet paper it would be published because of his name.  But I'm not there yet, is anyone on here? :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Ramadon, and any others, oh, and Happy New Year to all!


TY, VMarguarite, for your awesome artwork. It really goes smoothly with my short essay.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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