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A short story about disguise.

Two Faced

by Sharon Meda

Disguised Contest Winner 

Mrs. Guise let him in the back door and ushered him into a bedroom, where he started his transformation. His costume was under his baggy sweats, so dressing was more of an undressing. The colorful clown pants and massive shirt with floppy flounces were painted with bright red, green, and yellow dots. There was no such thing as 'too much' in clown attire.

He carried his face in a big black case with pop-up shelves of various tubes of makeup. Using one now he carefully rubbed a base of thick white foundation into his leathery skin. Next, garish red cheeks and nose, and lastly, a huge smile taking up half his face. He donned the orange wig and waited for his cue.

The job took a lot out of him, kids poked him, taunted him and sometimes cried, terrified of him. The tip was always smaller when there were tears. If it weren't good money he'd have given it up long ago, but for now, he painted the big fake smile on his face.

"Happy Birthday to You", he followed Michael's mom into the living room filled with screaming, singing boys and girls. The makeup was a good mask for the contempt he felt for spoiled kids. Singing loudly he surveyed the room, no criers here, he should land a juicy tip for this crowd.

Michael was thrilled with Dad's present, a drone, two feet across with an excellent camera. He had no idea Dad planned to use it to spy on their neighbors, especially the pretty ones. The huge cake with seven candles and his name in frosting was a chocolate delight and the pile of gifts was tall, although none compared to the drone.

Sam sat on his favorite bench under the giant oak and the pigeons flocked in for the bread crumbs he'd scavenged from behind the bakery. He spent his afternoons here, in the company of his feathered friends, the furthest bench from the park playground, nice and quiet.

Michael's four buddies were following close, chasing his new drone. He was really pouring it on and as he passed Sam's bench he tripped, skidding on his knees on the concrete walk, the drone controller landing in front of him. He sat staring at the bleeding flesh under his shredded jeans, gulping and biting his lower lip. The other boys came running back. "Oh man, that looks bad", "Are you okay Michael?"

He managed a shrug, not saying anything for fear he'd start crying. One of the boys picked up the controller, handing it back to him. The drone was no where to be seen.

Slowly, Michael got to his feet and started limping after his drone. He glanced back at the old man, and he could swear he saw a grin on that leathered old face. If he'd looked a little closer he'd have seen traces of white foundation in the creases around the sparkling eyes.

Writing Prompt
Write a story where one of the characters is in a disguise.

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