General Poetry posted December 8, 2017

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The last goodbye

Our final chance

by An Awakened Heart

I met death once again tonight
he sat down by my side
we watched and prayed, in silent, mourn
over my father as he lied

Bells and voices barely heard
over the oxygen... silent breaths
I wondered to myself, alone
would he take his final rest

Hours passed, in retrospect
I remembered through my life
a violent man, he lived in rage
a hard life, so filled with strife

He lie there, life, still hanging on
as the fates met, rolled the dice
I would not know what they had read
but the room was cold as ice

Death turned his head and looked at me
said that all would be forgiven
but before Dad left this worldly coil
I'd have to release my hate so driven

No matter what this man had done
I was his blood, his bone, his "Sire"
what kept him here was guilt unsaid
and my heart so hard, on fire

As tears ran down my face and cheeks
I saw a light upon Dad's head
I swear I saw an angel's hand heart filled full of dread

I looked upon the angel's eyes
I cried from my soul, so deep
I begged him for another chance
another day for Him to keep

I spoke out loud, so my father could hear
that I understood his pain, his torment
not a man of words, so proud, he was
tread a path so dark, abhorrent

It's then I saw in my father's eyes
as he looked deep in my soul
I felt his grief, his embarrassment
how he had lived his life so bold

Time stood still as we conversed
although not a word was said
then death ahem'd, and said farewell
I could watch (And wait), in lieu, his stead

All through the night I prayed alone
that we both would have one more chance
to mend our broken "Aiga"
rebuild our familial anse

Before I knew, the morn had broke
the cock had crowed the day
we had missed his final slumber
but for how long I could not say

I stood up tall and leaned his way
and kissed him upon his cheek
the hate had left us both... the same
both... so spent, we could not weep

For my father... we made it through the longest night.


My father passed in silent peace on 12/13/17.
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