General Fiction posted December 6, 2017

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What I found in the attic...

Great Uncle's Journal

by Wetbelly01

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

While going through one of my great uncle's trunks in his attic,
I came across an old beat up journal.
Curiously, I delved into it.
It read as follows:

I can't believe my good fortune, I've actually gotten in with the James Boys and Youngers!
Hopefully, I'll be able to write about some of their escapades first hand!

Jesse just let me know that we're heading out to a yankee town called Northfield.
It's in Minnesota, way out of their realm.
But the bank is a yankee one that he's heard was ripe for the picking.

Five days later, we've arrived at a farmhouse just outside of Northfield.
The rest of the boys don't seem to like being here.
Cole Younger in particular, seems to be adamant about
"forgetting this shit!" and heading back to our part of the country.

But Jesse, backed by his big brother Frank, wins that argument for some reason.

We've drifted into Northfield in groups of two, there are eight of us.

Jesse, Frank, Cole Younger and Charlie Pitts entered the bank.
I'm out here with the rest of the gang shooting up in the air
to try and scare the town folks into staying off the streets.

What's this?!... We hear shots coming from inside the bank!
Jesse and Frank are rushing out!
Where's the other two I wonder!

With the sound of those shots, this sleepy yankee town suddenly comes alive!
Shots are coming from everywhere!

Looks like Jim Younger just got tagged!
Wow, it looks like his brother Bob caught some too!

I'm getting the fuck out of here while I still can.... Fuck this shit!

Well that was a fiasco!
I've got no idea who all might've made it back!

I'm pretty sure Jesse and Frank made it...
Don't know about them Youngers and the others.

As for me, I just barely made it back intact!
All I'm gonna say is, I don't want nothing to do with those guys!

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Hey, if you wanna hang out and write about 'em.... More power to ya!!
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