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Growing up is hard to do

A chapter in the book Free Verse and Blank Verse Poems

Birthday Fever

by smileycloud

crawling hurts
my knees hurt
scratchy cold floor
big food rooms are so cool
tall cupboards and shiny tools
reaching them is hard
but soon I will be taller
and not knock so many down
to the ground

on my feet at last
all the time
i'm not tired
no nap for me now
running away from mummy is fun
the cat loves me chasing it
what a funny noise
that dumb dog makes
his tail got stuck under my foot
when he put it there
not my fault

tiny tiresome toddler
terrible two's
they can't mean me

next year
when I am three I get to
wear my joggers and
bounce on the trampoline

easy to eat the crackers
from the top shelf then
the chair is awfully wobbly

it hurts
cool band-aid
little mice drawings on them

I like being up here in the tree
dad's rope swings so high
my school friends visit
playing in the yard
till dinner time is here
homework kind of sucks
but learning is ok I guess

so neat
those strappy sandals mum wears
eight is no way too young
I could get dressed up for town too
so unfair
can't wait for thirteen
going out with the girls in my class

leaving grade school
so hard to do
senior years just another stage
I feel so gawky
what is wrong with me?
guys at the mall
so scrumptious

new car and college
boarding away from home
freedom is definitely the new kind of black

should have used my degree
but instead
hubby out all day and half the night
a nice little house
money money money
mortgage mortgage mortgage
station wagon in the garage
two kids at school
the twenties sure did rush in
way soon after the teens
wish I was three again

pick me up so I can reach the top shelf
I'm too tired to stretch
reaching higher is so hard to do
growing up is hard to do


YAY! I'm Getting Old writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
This is a poetry contest, no prose. The style is FREE VERSE, no structured poetry of any kind. If it has a name ie, sonnet, haiku, quatrains, blank verse, nonet etc. it is NOT free verse.

The topic is aging. Feel free to use your imagination and ingenuity to approach the topic any way you wish. BUT, it must clearly be about AGING.

Your presentation is entirely up to you. You may use all your skills to make your piece exciting to look at and experience as well as to read.

NOTE: If you have to EXPLAIN your piece in author's notes, it ain't much of a piece. :))
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