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feathered fun

A chapter in the book Let's Laugh 5

Ted and Fred Take On The Cat

by Barb Hensongispsaca

"Hey, Ted," said Fred, "let's fly to town.
I'm feeling bored, a little down."
"Sure, Fred," said Ted, and off they flew.
"Hey, Ted," said Fred, "how 'bout the zoo?"

They both took off around the tree;
buzz bombed the cat and laughed with glee.
They headed toward the lights of town,
but, Ted veered off and then dropped down.

"That's fun!" cried Ted. "Let's try again."
He went where he should not have been.
The cat was on his haunches, primed.
When Ted dove down, cat watched and timed.

It turned into a real ballet,
cat shot straight up as feathers sprayed.
As Ted turned left, he felt a draft,
his front was fine, but, lost his aft.

While Fred cried, "Ted!", he flew to see
if Ted was in much misery.
Poor Ted had landed on the ground
then drug his butt around and 'round.

The cat was in his stalking mode.
"Hey, Ted," said Fred, "we'd better go!"
So off they flew, poor Ted in tears.
Fred laughed so hard as he flew near.

No feathers and Ted's butt was raw.
The strangest thing Fred ever saw.
The cat was prancing 'round with glee...
his prize - Ted's feathers, Fred could see.

"The zoo is out," Ted said to Fred.
"I think I'm going off to bed."
As Fred flew off, he laughed to see,
that cat still circling 'round the tree.


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