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David and Goliath contest entry

The Genie and the Moth

by Thal1959

A servile Genie in his lamp,
was in his kitchen scrubbing,
when, then, he thought he heard outside,
a sort of gentle rubbing.

"Who could it be?" He had to say.
"Who seeks my mighty power,
and why would they rub daintily,
and at this midnight hour?"

"For who could find my magic lamp,
hid in this acreage, harsh?
Lost long ago, as all must know,
in this foul, foreboding marsh!"

To soothe his curiosity,
he came forth in smoky billows,
only to find a Comet Moth,
beneath the rain-soaked willows.

For rain is foul to the dusted moth,
who made a quick retreat,
perched on the lamp, beneath the trees,
to wipe his soggy feet.

The Genie laughed a hearty laugh,
and could not believe his eyes,
then realized since he was drawn,
he had to grant the prize.

He worked his magic on the moth,
so its mind shall understand;
it won three wishes there that night,
and the Genie - he could command.

"Well my friend," the Genie said,
"How can I make things right?"
"There's just one thing, a moth seeks for;
to find the never-ending light."

"I've noticed, moth," the Genie said,
that moths are drawn to light,
but what use is the light to you,
you cannot eat what's merely bright?"

The moth just then so calmly said,
"As any Lepidopterist knows,"
we're positively phototactic,
to anything that glows."

The moth then saw the Genie stare,
"Did you not know even that?"
The genie only scratched his head,
beneath his red Fez hat.

"But what's this thing," the Genie asked,
"you called the never-ending light?"
The moth then said, "The blazing star,
that disappears each night."

"Ah, 'tis the sun!" the Djinn then barked,
as he finally came aware.

"But, alas," the moth then chimed,
"for no moth could venture there."

"But hold, old moth," the Genie said,
"You have three wishes won tonight,
and if you wish, I'll send you there,
to that never-ending light!"

For the Djinn had always bested,
man's wishes; his every whim,
he sought then now to trick the moth,
whose wits embarrassed him!

The moth replied, "I cannot live,
deep in the realms of outer space,
can't eat or drink, or even breathe,
to make it to that place."

"For even if these things were not,
my slowness upsets the plan.
I haven't time to make it there,
for I live but a weekly span."

"Fear not, my friend," the Djinn then said,
the first wish solves thy breathing plight.
Two - makes you invulnerable,
the third speeds thee fast as light!"

"How long, Djinn, will it take me then,
to reach the glorious sun?"

"Barely more than eight small minutes,
after your flight's begun!"

The moth had feared he might be tricked,
and deception did he suspect,
so he conjured a condition,
for his reputation to protect.

"I may accept the things you give,
to reach the sun; so swift and true,
but you will ease my humble mind,
if the opposite falls on you."

The Genie felt the deal was grand,
those three wishes he would give,
upon the moth, so sure to die,
which means he would surely live.

The moth then took those wishes, three,
and sped rapidly out of sight,
and as the Djinn hummed happily,
the moth burst in flames that night!

"So, old friend," the Genie said,
"I perceive that you have perished,
having come so close to the goal,
your heart had richly cherished."

But then the moth appeared again,
his wings were singed - but whole.

"What happened now, my little friend,
what success do you extol?"

"I touched the sun!" the moth did say,
"Your wishes proved so true,
invulnerability saved me there -
but the reverse is now on you."

"For you'll find that you're endangered,
and I can race through time and space,
but the opposite of being free,
means you're trapped in your lamp's place!"

The Genie pondered there a time,
then a smile came on his face,

"You only live a weekly span,
when you die, I'll leave my vase."

"Oh, foolish Genie," said the moth,
"I cannot be destroyed,
I'll go on - forever now,
but your fate you cannot void."

"How many times have Djinn and men,
brutally killed my humble kind?
We who seek but a lovely light;
slain by the darkness of your mind."

"But your believed superior wits,
makes you act more like a thug!
How humble for your wits to know,
you've been outsmarted by a bug!"

A captured Genie in his lamp,
was in his kitchen scrubbing,
no longer will he rise again,
when witless men come rubbing!

David and Goliath theme poem contest entry


Genie/Djinn - Both words relate to the same thing, but it is simply a pleasant convenience to have either a one or two syllable word to choose from. It would be like saying, him, mister, man, guy, etc., describing the same person. One is free to choose which word they want.

Lepidopterist - A person who collects and/or studies butterflies and moths.

Positively phototactic - A quality in some creatures that draws them to light... as compared to being negatively phototactic which refers to certain creatures, like cockroaches, that are repelled by light.
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