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This is a story about how Mike got to know and love Bob

Bob and Mike

by Lisa Rachel Tremback

Bob is the Creator. Bob's name was spelled the same ways forward as backward which made him omnipotent. Bob lived in a universe where everything backward was forward and everything forward was backward and visa versa.
Time had no meaning for Bob because the present was in the past and the past was in the past and the past was in the future and the future was all the time. Bob's universe held many universes with dual realities. One could be a ghost in Bob's universes and still be alive. There were millions of paths a person could take and millions of intricate pathways within the pathways.
Mike was a small, diminutive figure in one of Bob's worlds. He had nothing special about him and he was really of no importance within any of Bob's realities. The only thing that made Mike special was that the Creator had an unusual fondness for Mike. He liked Mike, perhaps because he could say, he liked Mike and it kind of rhymed. Mike liked Bob.
Mike had come to meet the Creator when he was in a hospital and prayed that somebody like Bob would save him. And Bob did. That was something special for the poor, sick patient.
They met on Halloween so Mike was never really sure that Bob was the Creator or whether he was a guy in a Halloween outfit, but that did not matter. If Bob wanted to be the Creator, that was O.K. with Mike. He decided he would devote his Saturdays and Sundays to the Creator. He would do whatever rules that Bob made up.
Bob had a lot of rules. Most of them centered around Bob. The Creator wanted complete commitment and complete compliance with his own rules. He also wanted people to treat each other the way Bob would want to be treated, which was to be good to each other and to Bob.
Some other rules centered around eating, drinking, dressing, and other issues that the Creator had determined were good. Bob didn't like cross-dressers as he could never tell whether they were men or women so Bob made a rule that men couldn't dress like women and women couldn't dress like men. That was O.K. with Mike as he couldn't tell whether those people were men or women too.
Things were really going well with Bob and Mike. They liked to split hairs over the rules. They would sit in the park and go over every rule and decide what kind of hair splitting detail was important and they decided to call these details, Fences. Every time they came up with a reason for a detail around a rule, they would call it a fence. They had lots of fences and decided to write it down in a big, multi-volume set of books called, The Fences.
Eventually, they also came up with a story that suited the fences, and called that, 'Bob's Book', but soon they found that a bit too self important so they called it, 'The Book.'
Other people eventually came around to read Mike's book about the Creator's rules. They were interested in Bob. Who was Bob? Why hadn't they met Bob?
Mike hesitated, "You haven't met Bob?" he stammered, "Bob has been right here in the park all this time! We have been writing and playing Backgammon in between writing! Haven't you seen him?"
"No!" the people in the park exclaimed.
"We haven't seen anybody with you! You have been talking to yourself for months now and we didn't want to interrupt a perfectly good, funny sight!"
"Well, maybe Bob Is a Halloween character, but he also has a lot of neat ideas. Like look at some of these that I have written down."
They all looked at Bob's book and the book of fences, and thought that they were good ideas. Even if Mike had imagined them, they were all still good ideas. They seemed logical and even nice. No one had thought to write down something nice in a very long time. Some of the ideas seemed a little strange too, especially about the ideas around food,
"Why, no pork chops?" they asked.
"Well, pork chops are really expensive for the amount of meat that you get and we thought that eating expensive meat is kind of a waste of good money for poor people. We also thought that veal, lamb, and salami are pretty expensive meats and that they shouldn't be eaten too." Mike explained patiently, but wasn't exactly sure he remembered why he was not supposed to eat pork chops or the other meats.
Everyone was happy with Mike's explanation. Pork chops and the other meats were very expensive, and they are hardly worth the effort of putting them on the grill, so everyone was happy. They looked at the other rules, and wondered a bit about those too, but they all seemed within some realm of logic. The people in the park didn't have any other rules to go by, so they all decided to follow Bob's rules, whether Bob was a Halloween character or a Creator.
They liked Mike. He was a really nice fellow. He always had nice things to say when he did say something. If Mike thought that the Creator's rules were good, so did they. They all started to follow Bob's rules.
Soon, something strange began to happen. The more they followed Bob's rules, the better off they were. They were happy. They were healthier and wealthier, especially with not buying expensive meats. They seemed to have better relationships and the relationships they were in seemed to have better relationships. All was going well for the people in the park.
Then one day, someone came along who told the people in the park that they were being completely ridiculous.
"You are believing in who knows what with silly rules that Mike made up out of the air and you all are actually idiots!" the angry stranger cried.
"Who was Bob? How can you believe in an invisible being's rules?" he yelled at the people in the park.
So all the people stopped believing and doing the Creator's rules. Bob and Mike were unhappy, and the people in the park's lives were going to pot, but Mike continued on believing in Bob. He didn't care that other people didn't believe in Bob or Bob's rules, even when they were saying that his Creator might have actually died.
One day, Mike just got up and walked away from the park and the Creator went with him. They ended up at a new park and sat down to play Backgammon. Bob was losing. Bob was never very good with dice. He was a set being with determined factors. They were playing their third game when a small child came by,
"Hi, Bob!" exclaimed the boy.
"You can see Bob?" Mike was surprised.
"Oh course, I can see Bob. Can't everyone see Bob?" asked the small boy.
"No!" cried out Mike.
"Well, that means that they really don't believe in Bob." the boy simply stated.
So, finally, Mike got it. To see Bob, you had to take the first step and believe in Bob. You had to step off that platform of the here and now and take a huge step of faith. His Creator exists is what you had to believe even when you weren't sure that he was there or not. He finally saw the Creator in his full, entire being. Bob was magnificent. He was huge and even a bit hairy. He liked Bob's looks. He wasn't too pretty, or too tall , or even too nice looking. He was an average fellow who needed to be looked after. A kind of person one could get to know, and not be to taken back by his grandeur. Bob was a guy whose named was the same spelled forwards as backwards. A kind of regular guy.
After that, when people said they could not see the Creator, Mike would say to them,
"You aren't trying hard enough to believe in Bob. Bob needed believing in, just like everyone else," he went on, "Bob needs love, care, and respect."
Some people actually began seeing the Creator after they understood. Other people never saw Bob. But isn't that the way with all things? We believe in some people, we don't believe in others. We believe in some ideas and we don't believe in other ideas. The Creator was no different, whether he was a Halloween character or an amazing being from some other time and space. Bob needed to be believed in too.

My story about Bob, the Creator.
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