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Playing on sympathy

Feel Sorry for Me

by doggymad

There were many times over the years, when loneliness got the better of me. Eventually I resorted replying to the lonely heart adverts in the local paper. Some of the advertisers deserved a Pulitzer Prize for their efforts.

Most of them were quiet, respectable men who were solvent and owned their own property. Others were divorced, separated, or widowed; all had very sad stories to share. After a few disastrous meetings, I finally learned how to read between the lines and instead of messaging them, I would sit back and laugh at their pathetic claims.

It could be argued that most dating sites/apps use descriptions that would be similar to the language used by auctioneers. Well built could mean anything from genuinely tall and in proportion or downright small and fat. Looking for friendship was open to interpretation.

Many would be suitors resorted to what is now known as 'kitten fishing' to attract members of the opposite sex. This is the practice of posting images of yourself that are so far out of date as to be extinct. They may well have been handsome in their late twenties or early thirties, but, at age sixty plus there is little left to indicate their former glory.

I have lost count of the number of so called single men who have bemoaned the fact that their wife -- present tense -- no longer understood them, and worse still, those who were recently widowed and totally bereft. Their idea of healing is to jump into bed with the next woman who offers a shoulder to cry on.

I have no wish to display disrespect to those individuals who utilise these sites for genuine reasons, but sadly, I have encountered more than my fair share of dishonest silver tongued devils to last me a lifetime.


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Those who speak with silver tongues are not always more trustworthy than those who muddle their words but show their true intent by their actions
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