Romance Poetry posted September 16, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
free-verse poetry/partial lyrics/random rhymes

That Was Yesterday

by BOO ghost

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That Was Yesterday

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I thought, I knew you well...
all this time, I could never tell.
I live another day -
cruising the highway.

A love that never dies,
haunt me every night and everlasting day.

I was a sailor, 
stretched sails around Cape Horn -
caught trade winds in the misty bay.
September's storm comes early, Mariners say...

You - were the only one,
seasons under the scarlet sun.

You stayed with me.
Why did you leave?

How could I convince you to stay.
Forgive me, if there was a better way.

I gave my heart, the Bimini.
Please, will you stay, 

A sailor drifts alone, 
with the sea urchin, jellyfish, and sea sponge.
Surfing the crimson tide.

Serenity ~ 
I dream of days gone by;
you were my guide,
a compass.

But that was

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Had the wheel in my hand - 
in the wheelhouse, 
where I stood.

Just a gentle breeze -
a schooner collides with coral reef,
mates sunk fathoms deep. 

Today my spirit weeps -
seaweed and kelp kilometers deep.
No more feelings of

Today brings a new dawn -

I gave my all,
she survived wicked nor-eastern gales,
but I lost hope.

Legend foretells, 
as the night watchman sleeps -
my soul to keep.
A toy ship tossed in a bottle.

her ribs and boards creak,
resting on the mantle shale.

Skeletons and bones
strown -
in a ship graveyard,
Where whales and bottlenose dolphins play.   

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Never saw the beacon light
glowing in the pale moonlight. 
Coral and barnacles sunk us all. 
Ghosts call.

She has deserted me -
in the Florida Keys.
Memories fade through the fog -
from the lighthouse. 
Atlas, I am free.

But that was 

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I live alone -
among starfish and mermaids,
below the Everglades.

The rip tide takes my corpse out to sea.
Reflections in the water, 
Sea of Cortez.
Fisherman reminisce from peers, 
living yesteryears,
the end draws near.

But that was 

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The wheel taken from my hands -
love notes scribbled in the sand.
Landlubbers and pilgrims must understand.

But it's the beginning
of civilization.
My life will never end.

But that was

Today, life goes on,
never seen in YESTERDAY, 
because YESTERDAY is gone.

Farewell, YESTERDAY. 

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Lyrics with rhymes. Rhymes have no set pattern. At random.

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