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What is the room? Who waits? Whom do they wait for?

A chapter in the book The Waiting Room


by Mustangpatty1029

A telling story of the time we spend in anticipation of the most important meeting of our lives. We will discuss every moment, every decision, and our good moments along with the bad.
Most waiting rooms reflect the person you're waiting to see, and this Waiting Room wasn't any different.  Tastefully decorated, filled with comfortable over-stuffed chairs, and a selection of magazines sure to distract every reader, the room was graced with a large fireplace in one corner.  Against a large wall was a beautiful salt-water fish tank.  Beautifully colored creatures of the sea swam in circles in the clear water.  Soft music could be heard from the overhead speakers, and the total effect was calming.

The room was meant to put anyone waiting at ease and offer them comfort.  In the corner opposite the large fireplace was a single-serve brew machine with an eclectic offering of beverages.  An ice machine stood by for those who preferred their drinks chilled.

At the end of the room across from the door was a sliding window with a small calligraphy sign.  "Please check in," it beckoned.  The windows were frosted and there wasn't any sign of a bell.  Above the window panes was a large sign proclaiming that patrons would be seen in 'a pre-determined order,' and asked for those waiting to have patience.

On the last wall was a bank of amusement games.  They appeared to be some type of 
pinball machines, but there wasn't any money required.  Above each machine was a small placard with a question.  The first game's sign said, "What if?" and across the row of machines, the signs read, "Whatever happened to," followed by "Different decisions," "The Forks in your path," and lastly, "What was the real plan?"

Every moment of every day, the waiting room was entered by people at their appointed time.  At this moment, there were seven people about to enter the door.  These people may or may not have been anticipating this appointment.  Some of these folks would know what to expect; some wouldn't.  The waiting room was just the beginning of their journey.  The amount of time each spent there was entirely their choice.  They came from all different levels of society; they had nothing in common, other than this moment. They were of different faiths,
or had no faith at all.  Some believed in God or a Supreme Being, while others didn't.  Each one of them had lived a life, made choices, and formed opinions.  They were all about to have the most important appointment of their lives. 



I've been working on this novel for a very long time. I pulled it out of my files this week, and decided it was time for its debut. While I have a deep belief system, I know not everyone will agree with the images and thoughts I will put forth. If you can't believe the story, then please critique the writing. Is my sentence structure strong? Is there a cohesive story? How is my grammar?
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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