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Screaming In The Night

by BOO ghost

Screaming In The Night

Screaming in the night...
the whistling wind funnels through fall timber,
thorn thickets, pines,and sage.  
Vines wrapped with canine curses
Deep within the forest lives the beast

Screaming in the night...
searching for its soul mate
"I will die for you - our love was true"

Nothing could keep them apart  
She-wolf shadows of the night,
desiring blood to quench her thirst
Risen from her tomb

Heart chiseled into an oak tree
Circled (I will die for you)

Screaming in the night...
she wolf wandering in the woods
Silvery moon awakens the morbid beast
Primal instinct brings fear

Adrenaline and testosterone  -
Ammunition to slaughter innocent lambs
Sweet meat of virgins
Kingsmen, talisman, and peasants
Gargoyles guard the Keep

The queen sleeps...

Screaming in the night...
a crimson explosion of plasma
satisfies the beast's thirst

Chained... - HW by VanyCat

Claws elongate -
the snout grows, amber eyes glow;
the transformation of a tormented soul,
chained to his domain.
Love and lust drives him insane

Screaming in the night...
beneath the canopy that hides me
There's no love without you

silver bullet by GhostlyShadow

Abomination of a medieval curse
conjured from black magic;
into the pot goes the newt, toad, and tree bark.
Brotha of the woods

A metamorphosis occurs during the full moon
The pain is immense
Bones and tendons pop - hunger and hair grows
The senses: sight, sound, and smell is enhanced
The heart beats...

Herzklopfen by Brigitte-Fredensborg

Viciously, claws rip out the heart and liver
No Mayan temple sacrifice
It's an October harvest and feast
Pumpkins populate and rot in polders
During full moon gatherings

Death eludes me -
A never ending nightmare
My werewolf name is
Scared Claw

Let the silver bullet set me free
Tears fall like rain in my torn heart
Terror and turmoil terrorizes Scandinavia
Sheep, cattle, and Kingsmen

Avoid the 'Slaughtered Lamb' like the black plague
Pub of the kindred kind,
place they drink and dine

Werewolf by necromanga
Engraved on a tombstone,
Ariadne Bathilda (died 1543)
Her last breath taken into my lungs
I devoured her flesh and took her soul

she roams the Lost Forest
Her tomb topsoil uprooted, coffin demolished
Claw scratches embedded into cedar wood

Screaming in the night...
searching for Ariadne
Time to take another

Unaware of danger
she strolls through the shadows;
a fearless soldier

Off the dirt path...
Oxen and wagon stuck in mud
Destination is Oslo, Norway
Greet her clan

The super moon provides light for wandering peasants
and gypsies
She seeks the crimson crusader in Oslo castle
Safe in his high-rise donjon

A royal knight warned her to stay on the road
Only one hundred meters from the Borg,
but might as well be ten thousand

Werewolf by moonxels

The beast is crouched behind a thorn thicket
Horrific screams reverbrate into the night
Her lifeblood warms her feet

spellbound by the curse of Medusa;
the serpent witch of the petrified forest
Who dares to look into her amber eyes
Elsewise, be turned to a stone pillar
like the others traveling along Oslo road.

The wolf's thirst quenched
She lays limp in his powerful arms -  
Throat is torn and torso twisted  
Vital organs and guts devoured

Her cadaver taken to the cemetery plot
Reborn into the wolf
Reincarnated Into an immortal beast

She fits in Ariadne's coffin
When the super moon returns
Will become the chosen one
for many moons  

werewolf by Senkkei

Screaming in the night...
It hungers for human flesh
Shadows and silhouettes beneath the yellowish moon
Cosmic Stardust filtered through dark matter

Stars twinkle amidst constellations
Poseidon, Pegasus, Belly Of The Whale
Under the moon  
Night of the solar eclipse creatures howl

Static electricity lingers in the air;
a distant cry raises hair follicles,
Scared Claw searches for his mate
She wandered off,
screaming in the night

A luminous yellow haze peeps through
birch branches and evergreens
Creatures creep on twos and fours
Reflections upon dark waters

Peasants fear the wrath of the werewolf
"Heed to the road -
Do not stray into the Lost Forest
Evil walks upright
It watches you!"

The castle is a storybook tale -
moon rays cast its spooky silhouette
The wolf is now, it wants, craves,
and dominates.

“That moon’s about as full as the moon can be,
and now that damn ole curse is coming over me,
and it just ain’t wise for you to stay."

I hope there is silver in that gun. Don't run.  

Werewolf by conorburkeart

Poem of the Month contest entry


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