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...children's script about blooming love

The Playground

by Mustangpatty1029

Watching the Script Contest Winner 

Ext. Playground mid-afternoon
One child sits in the sand pile, busily building a large structure in the sand.  The second child comes over to investigate.
Little girl:
What'chu doing?
Little boy:
Duh.  I have a big bunch of sand, a shovel, and buckets.  What 'cha think I'm doing?  Don't you see the towers and the moat?
The little girl proceeds to sit down on the other side of the sand structure.  She studies it from the sitting angle.
Little girl:
Can I…?  Would it be okay if I worked on this wid you?
Little boy:
I guess so.  Hey, what's your name?
Little girl:
I'm Hailey.  Pleased to meet'chu.
Hailey held out her hand to the little boy to shake.  He stared at the gesture, and then wiped his hands on his pants and grabbed her hand.
Little boy:
I'm Logan.  I'm eight years old.  How about'chu?
My mother says it's not polite to ask a lady her age.
Oh.  I'm, I'm sorry.  Didn't mean to upset you.  Just wanted to get to know ya.  Hey, I know.  What grade you in?
A look of deep concentration and concern passes over Hailey's face.  Stiffening her back and raising her head high, she prepares to answer his question.
Oh, I see how ya are.  You think you can guess how old I am by what grade I'm in.  You still won't be able to tell.  I'm a grade ahead because of how smart I am.
So, what grade are ya in?
I'll have you know, I'm in the fourth grade.
Chuckling to himself, Logan counts on his fingers to figure out what age a fourth grader would be, and then lays one finger back down.
Oh, you're eight, too!
Hailey's look of surprise is accentuated by the big 'o' her mouth forms.
How…How did ya figure it out?
You're not the only one with a brain, y'know.
Hmm.  Okay.  I got 'cha.  As my mom would say, you're a slick character.
I'm not 'xactly sure what that means.  But I'm pretty sure it's not nice.
Moving to pat his shoulder, Hailey has an expression of concern.
I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to insult ya.  I'm just mad because ya figured out my age.
Logan looks up with a smile.
My feelings aren't really hurt.  I'm just playin' ya.
Wha'da say we just work on this castle, okay?
Logan smiles and Hailey moves back to her side of the structure, taking a shovel with her.  Both kids got busy in the sand.
Ext.  Playground late-afternoon
The children are smoothing the sand of the enormous castle they built together.  Four huge towers mark the edges of the structure, and the deep mote completely encircles the whole thing.
Both children are covered in sweat and grains of sand.
Hailey wipes her hand across her brow.
Ouch!  This sand is hard.  I think I just scratched my face.
Kneeling up on his knees, Logan studies Hailey's upturned and sunburnt face.
I think we should probably go home and cool off, dunt'cha?
Yeah, maybe we shouldI sure did have a great time, tho'.  Wanna meet again tomorrow?
As both kids stand up, brushing the sand from their clothes, Logan smiles shyly.
That sounds good.  Same place, same time?
Yeah, why not?
Hailey turns to head down the beach, while Logan heads the other way.  Suddenly spinning around, Logan lopes to catch Hailey.  He swiftly smacks his lips against her cheeks.
Wanna be my girlfriend?
Hailey smiles in a way beyond her years.


Writing Prompt
Write a script that makes your readers feel as if they are watching a movie or play, not just reading it.

Watching the Script
Contest Winner


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Double purpose: Prose Potlatch - topic - a children's story and a script for the contest.

This is my first attempt at a script: Be kind, please. ANY constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

(great, helpful tips from several reviewers - THANK YOU!!)

Misspellings are on purpose to emulate the speech patterns of a child.
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