General Poetry posted August 11, 2017

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The Bed

by artemis53

Ev'ry morning
I make my bed.
it is a practice embedded deeply
my being.

Many find amusement
at this tiny endeavor.
"You'll just go back to it
so what's the sense"
and I laugh with them
that this is not about
impeccable millinery.

It speaks loudly of my life
and how I live it.

As I miter my sheets,
with lavender and starch
I am overtaken by a scene
at my grandmother's home.

A small child lies on a brass bed
so very high from the floor,
on a Summer's night,
having been scrubbed to the bone
and lain between similar sheets.

A warm breeze wafts
through ancient windows
and the girl drifts off in security
as moonbeams course
upon a wooden floor

and my reverie

My hand now slides down each corner
imprinting a perfect crease
upon the crisp yet, stubborn cotton,
a loving gesture but precise
that gives me a satisfaction
for a job well done.

The coverlet is pulled tight and evened
reminding me of strength
and consistecy
as I smooth it
feeling it's texture beneath my fingertips
and my breathing begins
to even itself.

I deftly move to the headboard
turning the top linen down
exposing exquisite embroidery
from days gone by
marveling at its beauty
and thinking of the hands that deftly
put each stitch upon the linen,
a labor
of love.

The pillows come last
stacked for comfort
as an invitation beckoning
"Come lay your head down
and may you
your dreams."

I move back to peruse this portrait,
my haven quite inviting,
and whisper to it
"I'll be back"
then take on the chaos
of a never-ending

as my pristine bed stands
and waits for me
practicing it's lullaby
to take me one more time
into a child's
and innocent


I first learned this lullabye at 10 when I started playing the acoustic guitar. It carried over as a Young Mother who rocked her babies and sang to them in front of the fireplace in a dim light. Steven Tyler with 'Dream On' is entirely for myself though so different than the aforementioned offering. It's raw and presents an outrageous balance to me. My Father always said to chase your dreams so this one is for the girl all grown up who is still running the race. BTW. That's only one set of those cotton sheets. I takes about an hour to iron them and the pillowcases ;-D
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