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Chapter 14 in Flower Power (actually book)

A chapter in the book Power of the Flower: Flower Power

Manners matter!

by Rasmine

Dedicated to children everywhere!

MK Flood is busy drawing and painting with his trusty sharpies, pictures for the upcoming video. Thank you, Mark! :)
I picked one of his oldies. :
News of the tornado and how Flower Power blew it away spread quickly.

Mrs. Petals, his old elementary teacher, wanted Flower to come to her class and talk about manners.  She told him about a lack of manners in the floral community.

When she asked him to come and speak, he swallowed hard.  He was a superhero, not a teacher. But he did learn from Goldie.  He had called her sensei, which in Japanese means ‘teacher’.  He would go to the school.
Flower got up, showered, ate, brushed his teeth, and then flew towards his old school.

Mrs. Petals was standing on the school stairs when he came in.  She smiled and gave her former student a huge hug. 

“Oh, my word, Flower, you have grown big!  I’m so proud of you and what you do.  The daislings will love you!  Come on!”

They walked down the hallway and stopped outside his old classroom door. 

“They will go wild when they see you.”  She shook her head.  “They have been a bit unruly this morning waiting for your arrival.”

He smiled.  “This brings back lots of memories, Mrs. Petals, that’s for sure.” He grasped the doorknob.  “And Mrs. Petals, thank you, for believing in me when I was a daisling.”

She blushed.  “Come on,” she grasped his leaf.  “They will probably start chanting your name, or cheer.”

He and Mrs. Petals walked through the door.  Suddenly, Flower was surrounded by many young daislings, as they swarmed around him eager to touch the superhero. 

“Flower Power!”


“We heard how you saved a bunch of houses from the tornado!”

“I love you, Flower Power!”

Mrs. Petals finally intervened and pulled daislings off Flower’s cape.

“Okay, Okay, daislings, go to your seats.”

When all the students were seated, Flower decided to introduce manners the best he could. 

“Okay, daislings, today we will talk about manners.  Do you know what they are?  Anyone?”  He looked around at eager young faces that were excited about him being there.  No one answered, he bit his lip and looked at Mrs. Petals.  She nodded back encouragingly. 

“Like, um, if one of your classmates holds open the door for you, what do you do?” Flower cringed inwardly thinking that he sounded stupid. 

One student raised her leaf.  “You walk through.”

“What do you say, though?”


Flower smiled.  “Yeah, you could say that, but think of something else.”

“I know…I know,” said one enthusiastic student.


“You say ‘thank you’.”

“That’s right.  It’s being polite.”  Flower smiled, this wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.  “What other manners can you think of?”

“Saying please.”


“Excuse me?”

“Yes, that is another form of manners.”  He was a teacher!  Flower grinned at Mrs. Petals, and continued.  “When do you say ‘please’, and ‘thank you’, and ‘excuse me’?’” No daisling said, ‘excuse me’, but he thought he would teach it anyhow.

“When you burp.”

Everyone burst out laughing. 

One student in the back stood up, “How about when you fart?”

Now everyone was laughing even harder, including Flower and Mrs. Petals.  After a few seconds, she stood up.

“Okay, class, simmer down.”  She glanced at the clock on the wall.  “Class is almost over, and Flower will probably have superhero stuff to do.”

“There is just one more manner,” Flower wanted to get to this manner before he left, “after someone says, ‘thank you,’ what do you say?”

No one raised their leaf.  Then one little daisling raised her leaf.  He pointed at her, and she cleared her throat.  “You say, ‘thank you’.”

“No honey, I mean what do you say after they say it?”

“Oh,” she laughed, “that’s easy Mr. Flower Power, you say ‘you’re welcome’.”

“Yes!”  He looked at Mrs. Petals.  “How much time do I have?”

She looked at the clock.  “About five minutes, Flower.”

“Thanks.”  He turned to the class, feeling more confident than when he first came in. 
“You’re welcome, Flower,” Mrs. Petals replied.  They smiled at each other, then he turned back to the class.  
“Okay, let’s practice for five minutes.”  He nodded at one student. 

“Please open the door when I knock.”  The student walked to the door as Flower walked out of the classroom. He knocked and she opened it. 

“Thank you,” he nodded to the daisling.

“You’re welcome.”

He nodded at her.  “Thank you, sweetie.”

Now almost all the class had their leaves raised in anticipation of being called.  Some of them were standing next to their seats.  Flower called one of the daislings who didn’t raise his leaf.  He stood up shyly and walked towards the superhero. 

Flower picked up a book and then dropped it.  “Could you pick that up for me, please?”

The daisling picked it up, and timidly handed it back to Flower.      
Flower nodded and the student returned to his seat. 

“Now everyone, what did I forget?”

“To say ‘thank you’,” many daislings said at once. 

Mrs. Petals stood up.  “Thank you, Flower Power, for coming to our class and talking about manners.”  She addressed all the daislings.  “Even if you hear adults and see them without manners, remember yours.” 

“Thank you, students and Mrs. Petals,” Flower said in departing, “for having me speak about manners.  It’s been really fun.”

“You’re welcome,” the class said in unison.

Mrs. Petals walked Flower Power to the door.  “Please, come again, Flower.  They love you.”

He bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek, walked out the door, and flew home.


Chapter one: Flower Power saves Rose, his love interest, from being thrown out by her owner. He is hesitant, a bit when asked what he would do to save Rose.
Chapter two: He meets Jay, a blue jay, who laughs at him. He handles this by punching him. Jay sees that he may need some training so he tells him about a golden dragonfly, Goldie, who has some magic.
Chapter three: Flower flies over the pond in search of Goldie. Finally, he discovers her and is invited into her home.
Chapter four: Goldie teaches Flower Power Aikido, and why superheroes don't resort to violence.
Chapter five: (missing chapter--if any of you find it please let me know where in my portfolio it is. Thank you.) Flower Power apologizes to Jay.
Chapter six: Flys back to Goldie for more training.
Chapter seven: Flower Power gets a lesson in not hurting anyone's feelings and why.
Chapter eight: Flower Power learns the lessons of personal hygiene, and keeping your living space clean.
Chapter nine: Flower Power meets Black-eyed Susan's.
Chapter ten: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about why he is a superhero.
Chapter eleven: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about disabilities.
Chapter twelve: Goldie and Flower part ways. He is done with his lessons and ready to embark on his adventures!
Chapter thirteen: Flower saves a bunch of homes, including his friend Jay's babies, from a strong tornado.
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