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A short flash fiction.

The Beginning of the End.

by Rasmine

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

The president looked out the window.  He grimaced as he watched the protesters.  Who the hell do they think he is, anyhow?  Someone to just sit and take this crap—no!  He was fucking Donald John Trump!  They would never forget him, ever. 
He picked up the phone to Putin.  They needed to handle North Korea once and for all.  Vladimir Putin spoke English well. 

“Hello, Prime minister Putin, please.  This is President Donald J. Trump of the great USA.”


“Mr. Putin, we need to take care of North Korea right away.  I suggest making an example of one of their cities.  What is your opinion?”

“I see.  Maybe…”

“Well, I was thinking a--.”

“I will talk to Jinping in China and Jae-in in South Korea.  I will call you back, Trump.” 

Donald Trump crinkled his face into a scowl.  He wanted to take care of these MF’s now not later.  Damn it to hell!  He let Russia get him in office and now Putin acts like he wants to be cautious.  He wanted to bomb the whole North Korea country—take the fuckers off the map, but he knew that if he did that, the bleeding liberals would raise holy terror calling him a murderer.  He just wanted to set the world right.  It belonged to them anyhow, not blacks, Hispanics, or oriental people.  White men were the ones who could run things right.  Women would muck everything up with their monthly emotional outbursts and stuff. 

He became president for a reason—and that was to rid the world of shit!  He would do it too.  Nuclear bombs speak for themselves.  All he needed to do was put in the codes to detonate a nuclear bomb.  Military aides carry the ‘football’, for him always.  If he needed to retaliate or be the one to bring harmony and peace to this country.  If all the rest of the countries on this planet were annihilated, United States would have no problems anymore.  Even his wife’s family would be destroyed, but whatever—small price to pay.  His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his phone.  He yanked it off the receiver. 


“Putin here.  I have talked to Jinping, he will back us if we bomb.  Jae-in, I could not reach.”

Trump nodded.  “Okay.” 

“What do you want to do?”

“Bomb them, to set an example.”

“Okay.  We will bomb Pyongyang.  Trump, you bomb Chikhalsi.”

“Okay.  In a half hour?”

“One hour.  Jinping will bomb Hamhung.”

He hung up the phone and closed his eyes.  He thought back to the conversation he had with his son last night. 
“Hello, Dad.”

“How are you doing?  I miss you.”

“You won’t use nuclear bombs ever will you Dad?”

“No.  Of course not, but if I ever do, you will be safe, do you hear me?”

“But what about all the other people?”
He breathed a sharp breath in and called the aide with the ‘football’ inside his office.  He sat with him and started some small talk to pass the hour. 

When that was up, he took the bag and set it up.  The white house staff came into his office as witnesses.  Everyone was on board as he set the target and pushed in the codes.  Trump looked up and locked eyes with his Mike Pence. 

“This may lead to them attacking the USA.”

“Yeah,” Donald said not blinking, “but we will be ready with more nukes.”  He looked down and put the final code in. 
A half hour later, they watched the destruction of three nuclear warheads damage to North Korea.  It was the beginning he just knew it.  Trump’s eyes glowed as he watched fire trucks, ambulances, rushing around not knowing what to do. 

The power rose to staggering heights inside of the POTUS.  “Let me see the football.”


Just then an explosion of epic proportion was heard.  Everyone ran to the window and was witness to up to 20 elongated objects in the sky reigning down on Washington.  A large mushroom cloud could be seen int he distance.

They looked at one another.  Not even time for phone calls. 

“Oh shit,” Trump uttered thinking of his son.

Sunday, Monday, Doomsday... writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story up to 700 words that involves a doomsday scenario. Anything goes, but the end of the world, or its perception, must be a driving force in your story.

Thank you, angel4451, I know that you didn't want that to be a mushroom cloud, but it was the closest I could find--thank you :)

I think Donald J. Trump is playing a dangerous game with North Korea right now. I for one am scared and feeling this could be the end of the world. I know it probably won't be. I've already lived through the 80's and the cold war. It was the same thing--people wrote books portraying the end of the world, songwriters wrote about the end of the world. Will the next be better?
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by angel4451 at FanArtReview.com

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