General Poetry posted March 6, 2017

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The humor in the still in love and married

5 Years Married 7 Years Of Hell

by Tier V. King

I unmarried the tears that cried and filled buckets
reluctant of misery meant for the weary
inspired my fury, created new theory,
against myself but forgiving one else...

Yet this stays loaded on my back,
Although through disgrace I embrace the lack
of all desire without fire, which only inspires
determination, situation and aggravation
becoming my frustration with this whole dilemma
and it lingers in my episodes of madness...

But we got here, 5 years married, 7 years of hell
how swell that we welcome it so well
caressing deception but failing to question
the constant insanity, the arguments, the vanity of it all
we both deserve better but we face each new year
whether we love or not, but we forgot
that tying the knot meant being together
Yet, I don't know if I will ever really feel
we are together...

Living in the same home does not mean we won't feel alone
because loneliness has found its place
so constant in our lives
we realize our separation
but won't compromise with compromise
and so we dance and wrestle with resentment
erasing and replacing our contentment
with contempt that went along the way
towards yesterday...

So for the sake of tomorrow I promise
that I am not going to cry or let it die
though I know it's just another lie
and besides we're only fooling each other
and for the sake of tomorrow
we borrow sorrow from today
in hopes that it would not betray
our needed apologies...

But this time could we really mean we're sorry
This time could we really mean we're sorry
Well I'm...really, really sorry...I think!
But I am really so confused
because love is not supposed to be confusing
and we are not supposed to be abusing
our love, our promises, our vows...
so what now?...

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a love poem. It can be humorous, romantic or spiritual.

I laugh at this poem now and I should say that we laugh at this poem, my husband and I. I wrote this poem 08/02/2014 @2:23 am, 3 days after our 5th year Wedding Anniversary. This poem was a part of a late anniversary gift because we were so angry with each other we were not going to exchange gifts that year or at least I said, I would not be buying him anything.

When I read it to him, the first thing he said was, "Woe that is not an anniversary present, you were angry when you wrote that!" I laughed because he knew I was angry so how could he expect a love poem from an angry wife.

He used to like - to act like a husband who is not head over heels in love with his wife. I just had to show him that he must always treat me like the queen that I am and like he is always head over heels in love with me because I will not have it any other way. And besides, I know, as well as he does that he is still so head over heels in love with me as I with him.

I was just at that point when I realized that I should never have to teach my husband how to love me but marriage is perfect. Some of us from time to time would always wonder if: He loves me or He loves me not...
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