General Poetry posted February 19, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
Domestic Violence is such an ugly reality


by Tier V. King

Wonderment still wanders
Like the whistling wind
Keeps me listening
for the whisper of answer
But its standing at stay
Shaking its wicked finger
Leaving the linger
of shun and stun....

Same crime
Same piece of mind
Same time
Same month
right at the brunt of that
same blunt, GUT PUNCH

It was that same shock
that came to knock
me off my feet
and was complete in its need
to defeat me and
beat me with utter disbelief
so I believe that relief from
this grief is reach-less
Its hopeless
so I should grope less
for answers

Yet words never said
are still needing to be
but are caught in my throat
like a lump that won't swallow
so I borrowed sorrow
from this whole coincidence
that stench
of your consequence
and the fact that
due to your circumstance
tomorrow never followed...
but I totally understood

Yes, that same no good situation
that same no good frustration
that instance, that by chance
of meeting a man who would always
love us wrong
Oh but how we longed
for that day when he would
finally change his ways
we stayed strong for that day
but that day never comes
and oh....
how times did we have to run
but that day never came so that blame
that we carried was never yours
or it was never ours to keep,
my sweet

But I know why you chose
to stay anyway
giving your days
to be with your children
but he would only use them
to add to your confusion
and he would always betray that union
to slay your heart
yes right at the start
he was making it a big part of his life
that of giving his wife strife

But my sweetheart
I've been where you've been
believe me again and again
I've lived where you lived
and I had to give and forgive
what you did... too....
even in my own home...
so I wanted you to know
that you were never alone
in what you owned
but what I would give
just to relive what you did
so that you wouldn't....
but it just seemed
that I couldn't find the time
to take your pain and make it mine.

I keep thinking
if only I could've been there by your side
to dry tears cried
before you died or perhaps
just maybe to provide a
place where you could hide
while you decide
how to finally escape all that hate
and evade that horrible date with fate

I feel real regret or that somehow
I neglected to protect you
and that maybe
if I had dedicated myself to make you know
that I had escaped that same fate
then just maybe your very knowing
would forsake such mistake
and negate it or make it escape you
but I know.....
we don't get to negotiate with excruciate....

someday, someway, somehow
I will hold you again, my friend
but not in the way that I hold you now
just not in the how
that I placed you on a shelf
like a glass menagerie
full of broken memories
and empty revelries
full of pretentiousness
and can't express such emptiness

because this was like:
shattered glass splattered and scattered
about in sharp and tiny pieces
that were left unswept for me to step on
to remind me of the pieces
that I am left in or the pieces
ripped away from my soul
but that can't control that space
where I hold you now

You know.....
where shovels can't dig out the "ow"
and where pain still screams
and shouts out loud
and where anger eats and creeps and sleeps
and seeps out through my pores
in an angry dance
but there...there's where you'll stay
where love lives with aching and that
unmistaken raking of my heart

And when I close my eyes
unable to contain a cry....
never wanting to say good bye or to even try
I moan a bitter sigh and ask a silent "why?"
but then I decide
that since your death and Tye's
collide and coincide
the way, the when that you two died
that I will never say good bye
not to you not to Tye

Yes, as impatience eats me alive
I will not thrive
But...I ....Yes....I ....will never say....good bye...

Feelings writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem sharing an emotional feeling about something such as: life, death, war, injustice, marriage,loneliness, loss, hope, laughter, or a subject that might not be listed. Express an emotion such as fear, anxiety, love, hate, disgust, indifference, etc.


This poem Charnez was about my niece. I wrote it on 10/23/2016. She died a day before the date that my son died on only 3 years later. Tyrene died on 09/03/2013 and Charnez died 09/02/2016. The way that they died and they way their bodies were found was just too close for comfort. These were my children......So precious they were both to me.... The domestic violence was something my niece was going through but it is a situation that just should never happened. It is a double tragedy for me in September. That is why I say:
September keeps dancing in my darkness.
And tearing away at my most precious things.

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