General Poetry posted February 9, 2017

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When love doesn't work, what's next? Well, there's always th

Next time it's not for love

by prophetess

I've loved innocently, passionately, and obsessively...
Maybe love just isn't meant for me.
I'm through trying, it never works.
No more, Donnie's, Doug's, Isaiah's, and Kirk's!
Why go through all the heartache and pain...
Being selfless and faithfull, just to be dragged through the dirt again and again.
It could be a pattern and I'm drawn to the jerks...
Maybe it's me and all of my quirks...
Well, no matter the reason, whatever the case, I've officially taken myself out f the race.
I'm no longer searching for love that will last, 8, 10, 14 years, they all fly by fast.
All the hype about love is so overrated...
But, "for the love of money" haha, Is a phrase understated,
those words on my tongue, now sweeter than honey!
It's a new day, a new phase, a new way of life...
The kids are all grown, I'm no longer just mom and his wife.
All those years when there was only him, his, and them,
I vaguely remembered there's I, me, and mine!
Pour the wine, play some nice tunes
while the woman in me blossoms and blooms.
You see, I got lost in that Cinderella story
of love ever lasting, all happiness, and glory.
When I think of it now, although pretty sad,
it's also quite funny, What comes to mind is,
"Show me the money!
Spoil me, pamper me,
feed me lobster for dinner,
it's high time for ME to be treated like a winner!

This a mystyle poem, all formatting intentional. I posted from my phone which isn't so easy to do, but hope you all enjoy the read. It was fun to write
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