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A murder must be stopped.

A chapter in the book Babyface

Babyface Acts V - VII

by Thomas Bowling

Act V
Scene III


Two weeks have passed since the body was found. Dothan, Caleb, and Lionel are in the sheriff's office.

Lionel: Any word from forensics yet?

Dothan: Yeah, it came in this morning. I haven't had time to look at it yet. It's right here on the desk.

Lionel picks it up and begins reading.

Lionel: Says it's the remains of a teenage girl.

Dothan: Damn, a kid.

Lionel: Says her skull shows blunt force trauma. Not much else to go on. Some broken bones but says that could have happened when the body was exhumed and moved.

Dothan: Moved?

Lionel: Yep, says she was killed someplace else and her body was placed here recently. The farm location has dark, mucky soil and the body has red clay on it. It hadn't been rained on, so it couldn't have been there mor’n a week.

They're runnin' some soil samples. Tryin' to narrow down where the clay came from. They'll get back to us as soon as they find somthin' out.

Caleb: Christ, just a kid. Why would someone go to the trouble to dig the body up and move it?

Dothan: That's what we're gonna find out.

Caleb: I gotta bad feelin' about this.

A month goes by and another forensic report arrives. Dothan reads it and begins to shake. Oh, God, no. He drops the report on his desk and puts his hands over his face. Caleb picks up the report and reads it.

Caleb: It's a thirteen-year-old girl. She was killed within fifty miles of Shreveport.

Lionel: Isn't that where the Sheriff's . . .

Caleb: Yeah, they say she was killed about three years ago.

Lionel: Maybe it's not her, Sheriff.

Dothan: It's her. I feel it.

Dothan presses the button on his intercom.

Dothan: Helen, did anything come back on that cigarette butt?

Helen: The report‘s been on your desk for two weeks.

Dothan shuffles the papers on his desk. He pulls out the lab report and reads it.

Dothan: They narrow it down to everybody in Louisiana. Helen, what about those tire tracks?

Helen: Turns out Firestone's the most popular tire in the state.

Dothan: Let's go back to the farm, boys. I don't know what we're lookin' for, but we'll look.

Act VI
Scene IV

Dothan, Caleb, and Lionel arrive at the crime scene. The tape is still in place. The three men get out of the car and walk to the spot where the body was found. They stop and look at the spot. It seems too small to have held a body. Dothan says a prayer for God's help.

Dothan: Alright, shoulder to shoulder. We walk in circles, small steps. We'll go over every inch of ground until we reach the tape.

The men start walking.

Lionel: This ground's been plowed and trampled over a hundred times.

Dothan: Just keep lookin'. I don't know what we need but we need somethin' right now, we got nothin'.

Caleb: My Daddy used to say when a man's got nothin' anythin' he finds is better than what he had before.

Lionel: I don't know what that means.

Caleb: Neither do I, but it sounded good when Daddy said it.

The men search until they begin to lose light, then, they get their flashlights out and search for another hour.

Dothan: Let's go home. There's nothin' to find here.

They walk back toward the car. Caleb stops and stoops down examining the ground.

Caleb: Son of a bitch. The bastard came back.

Dothan: Whatcha got?

Caleb: New tire tracks, Firestones. The bastard came back.

Dothan: Wanted to see if what he buried stayed buried.

Caleb: That'd be my guess. Must be a nervous sort.

Dothan ran back to the edge of the crime scene.

Dothan: Lionel, bring my plaster cast kit and the camera.

Caleb: What is it, Sheriff?

Dothan: Footprints. I saw them as we were finishing up, but didn't think anthin' of 'em. They're not ours, and all the searcher's prints are tramped down. These are new. I'll take footprints over tire tracks any day. From these, we'll be able to tell how big the guy is, how much he weighs and what kind of boots he wears.

Caleb: Daddy was right. We got lots more now.

Dothan: Yep, your Daddy was right. Tell 'im I say thanks.

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