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A chapter in the book Love Parts 2

The Last Minute Miracle

by Barb Hensongispsaca

Sam and Jenny were more soul mates than lovers. Their friendship started when they were classmates in grade school after Jenny pushed Sam to the dirt when he accidentally ran into her on the playground.

It was a strange way to meet, but from that moment on, their friendship was destined to grow as they matured. From climbing trees and playing cowboys and Indians, to playing the same sports just to be together, they became inseparable.

When studying together led to long periods of talking and later kissing, their friendship took another turn in their young lives. They experimented with the art of love, driving them closer still in their feelings toward each other.

Early in their high school years, they discovered the art of talking as a communication rather than exploring each other's bodies. They became soul mates, learning that intimacy does not always mean being naked. Intimacy took on a new form in the use of words to learn the true disclipine of loving someone.

Jenny's love of literature and her fierce competitive nature, won her a school trip to Europe where she studied with other students with the same desire to learn about the masters. Two months she spent abroad, still keeping in touch with Sam, sharing her love, and yearning to see and hold him again.

Sam's pride in Jenny became overwhelming, so, one night during one of their marathon talks, he proposed. Caught off guard and not sure she heard what he said, she became very quiet. Sam thought he had made a mistake, but, in reality, Jenny was holding her breath, waiting for him to ask again.

"Jenny, I'm sorry. Did I make a mistake?" he asked.

"Oh, Sam, what did you just say? What did you just ask me?" she questioned him.

"Jenny, will you marry me?" he said hesitantly.

Sam's heart was torn out of his chest when he heard the love of his life start to cry, until he heard her scream, "Yes, I will marry you!"

They talked long into the night and met the dawn crying together over the phone. Plans were made and lives were changed in a six-hour span.

The following week, Jenny was to arrive by train. Sam planned to meet her at the station, after which, they would go to both sets of parents with their decision to be married and ask for blessings from them. Sam was feeling pins and needles as he waited for her return. He wanted to tell his parents, but knew Jenny wanted them to be together when they delivered the happy news.

The day of Jenny's arrival, Sam arrived at the station a few hours early. He was so excited knowing he was finally going to see his Jenny and be able to hold her in his arms. He bought a ring, which was nestled in his back pocket, waiting to be placed on the finger of his future bride.

The time of the train's arrival came and went which was not unusual; but, of all days, why did it have to be late today? His stomach knotted with a dread that he tried to put in the back of his mind.

Lost in his thoughts as he sat on the bench waiting to hear the whistle of the train approaching, he almost failed to notice the flurry of activity around him. Then frantic voices that seemed to run together.

"Wreck ... mile 2 ... derailment ... bodies ... fire ... bad."

Sam's heart split as he fought his way through the crowd to get to his old Chevy. All he thought of was that he had to reach his Jenny. He had to find her. She needed him and he had to get to her.

His car blended in with the other rescue vehicles as he frantically tried to get to the scene of the wreck. He could see the smoke over the trees as he drove as close as he could get in the car.

He jumped out almost before the car finally ground to a stop by the embankment to the tracks. He joined the mass of moving bodies as they ran toward the derailed cars piled haphazardly on top of each other as if a child had thrown them there after tiring of playing with them.

His body involuntarily stopped when he saw the first victim lying beside a smoldering passenger car that was positioned on its side. The person, covered in red, was not moving. Slowly he raised his eyes to look past the gruesome scene.

Then he noticed other bodies, some on top of each other. Others were hanging out of gaping holes in the train cars. Sam's knees gave out and as he collapsed onto the ground, he heard an ungodly scream and realized it was coming from him.

As his heart broke, he raised his arms to the sky. With tears streaming down his face, he yelled into the heavens..."Why?" He had never felt such despair and loneliness. Looking down at the destruction, he glanced to the right of the smoldering scene.

He felt his eyes play mind games with him as he thought he could see his Jenny looking at him and waving. Squinting his eyes and shaking his head from side to side to clear the thought, he again opened his eyes.

It was his Jenny and she was running toward him. Shock gave way to hope as he forced himself off the ground. He started to stumble toward the apparition. He felt he was losing his mind and he just didn't care.

As he watched, the form of his Jenny got closer with each step until he was in her arms. He felt the warmth of her embrace, the softness of her kisses, and realized this was not a dream. She was alive.

Amidst the destruction, they wept together until there were no tears left to cry. Sam pushed her away but still held on to her for fear she would vanish.

"How? Jenny, what happened?" he said in almost a whisper.

"Sam, I just couldn't wait to be with you so I rented a car to make the trip. I wanted to surprise you," she said as she started to cry again. Sam took her in his arms in the middle of hell itself.

"I love you, Jenny," he said. "I don't want you out of my sight again."

He reached into his pocket to get the ring.

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