Young Adult Non-Fiction posted August 3, 2016

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A run for your life event.

The Capture

by Ravenbrok

Hell found me. I was certain of that.
Hearing the sound of my own voice startled me. My legs were aching, my mouth -- dry, and my hands felt as if they were being licked by Cerberus, himself. Just a couple of minutes longer, and this may all be over.

The dark cover of night was quickly upon us, but, to whom will it benefit? The anticipation of my end awaits, yet fear is predominately taking the reigns of my emotions at present.
The crack of the branch is unnerving. The smell of a sweaty presence is creeping in to MY air space. A pungent odor resonates, clinging to the tiny hairs of my ever-itchy nose. My eyes are deceitful, showing movement where there is none, shadows where only darkness rest. It causes my heart to race. There.... there is the anticipation of capture! The pounding of my blood, slamming the inside walls of my heart, was deafening. Surely, anyone would hear this out of control and overreacting muscle thump louder than a base drum. The sound of waves now fills my head, crashing about, causing nausea and blackout. The moment has arrived.

Filling my lungs to capacity, followed by great exhalation, I drop from the branch I had previously clutched my arms and legs around. I was momentarily stunned, the dark creating what felt like an impenetrable wall. I freed myself from the imagined barricade and drove my body forward, shoving foot after foot with a speed I never once before achieved. My heart skipped, as I hear snorts and grunts of a large mass, feet pounding, one after another. In that moment, I knew it was him or me. With great abandon, I leapt, landing viciously on the ground, my body twisting in unnatural ways.

"HOME FREE". I shouted as I slammed my hand on the shiny hub cap that was home base!

Hellman, Hell for short, was just steps behind, appearing slowly from the dark.

"All-e, all-e, in come free." He bellowed, out of breath.

"I won that time, Hell." I spurted out, gasping for air.
We lay side by side, just breathing, while waiting for the others to come in.

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