Mystery and Crime Fiction posted January 19, 2016

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A Deadly Agreement...

Look Who's Watching

by teols2016

Disguised Contest Winner 
Arriving in the alley, all Aaron Byrnes saw was a homeless man sitting on the ground. He gripped his briefcase tighter.

"Spare some change?" the man asked.

Having anticipated this, Aaron took a bundle of singles from his pocket and tossed them over, being careful not to look at the man. He didn't want to be described later. He quickly walked further down the alley.

Aaron stopped near the back door of a dry cleaner. He checked his watch, a gift from his girlfriend. Soon he'd give her everything she wanted, including a ring.

He glanced down at the briefcase in disgust. His wife had given it to him when he'd graduated from law school. Now, she just held that and more over him.

Ten minutes went by. No one else showed up. Ten yards back, Aaron saw the homeless man examining a tin can in front of him.

"Where are you?" he asked semi-quietly, checking his watch.

"Are we impatient?" a voice asked, chuckling.

Aaron turned as Otis Lawrence emerged from the dry cleaner.

"You're late," Aaron said.

"You got it?" Otis asked, ignoring his admonishments.

"I actually agreed to set terms," Aaron said, thrusting forward the briefcase.

Otis snickered as he opened the case, seeing the money inside.

"So what time your wife get off?" he asked.

"Seven tomorrow morning," Aaron said, "She'll be wearing her nurse's uniform. She parks on the third level."

"I'll do it drive-by style and bolt before anyone knows what's what," Otis promised, "You make sure to be the proper grieving widower."

"Just get it done," Aaron insisted, "You'll have the rest tomorrow night. But we do a dead-drop then. We can't be seen together for a while."

"Believe me," Otis said, "You better than my last lawyer. I'll get this right for you."

Aaron just nodded. Otis took the briefcase and headed back into the dry cleaner while he went back down the alley, walking briskly and staring at his shoes while he passed the homeless man. He turned the corner, casting a brief disgusted look at a dirty and beat-up Toyota parked near the alley.

Back in the alley, the homeless man stood up and grabbed his can. He hurried towards the Toyota and got in.

Jeff Davis wiped off the make-up. He'd been sitting out there for days, recording people with the hidden camera on his tin can. It had all been for his journalism class. He'd wanted to write a story on the treatment of the homeless. He'd never imagined witnessing this.

Having turned his can so the camera recorded the men , he'd caught every word. He'd also collected the bundle of bills that had been thrown at him. He'd take it to the police. They'd watch his footage and get fingerprints off the money. They'd prevent a murder. Then, he'd have one heck of a story.

Writing Prompt
Write a story where one of the characters is in a disguise.

Contest Winner

A cautionary tale to the extreme...what's the moral?
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