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A short children's story to help them deal with a death.

A chapter in the book The Butterfly's Message

The Blue Butterfly

by foreverbutterfly

Lewis had been Mark's friend for as long as he could remember. This is Mark's story about missing his friend.

Lewis and Mark were both dark haired, liked jokes, played in the mud and sometimes caused trouble. They were often told off by their teacher for talking in class, but she always told them off with a smile and called them "The Terrible Twins".

One day Lewis did not come to school. More days passed without Lewis; Mark was confused -- he did not understand. When he asked his Mummy, she told him Lewis had gone to Heaven and no, he could not visit. He was very sad. First he lost his laugh and then his smile. Mark decided he needed to visit Lewis to get them back.

Mark did not know where Heaven was. His Mummy did not like talking about Heaven so he stopped asking. He did not know where to start looking for Heaven, but knew Lewis liked to visit his garden. His garden was huge, with lots of trees. Mark decided he would go to the garden to find Lewis.

When Mark got to the garden he noticed a bright blue butterfly on the entrance gate. The butterfly made him smile, but when he remembered Lewis, the smile disappeared. He missed the smile, he missed his laugh.

The butterfly fluttered by the swings. Mark tried to smile, but when he thought how much Lewis enjoyed swinging, he felt sad. He swung on the swing remembering Lewis as the butterfly flew above him. As he reached the butterfly he let out a giggle.

Mark clapped his hand over his mouth. Where did that come from? The blue butterfly landed on his shoulder, it had made him smile, and it had even made him laugh. He wondered if the butterfly was from Heaven. Mark had found his smile and his laugh, but still had not found Lewis.

Mark would not give up, he walked back to the house, feeling a lot lighter. When he looked behind him, he saw the blue butterfly following him. He felt comforted by the butterfly's presence.

Mark told his Mummy about the butterfly and told her he had been feeling sad. His Mummy explained that Heaven was not on Earth. People in Heaven could send messages to Earth. Mark decided that the blue butterfly was a message from Lewis telling him not to be sad.


This will hopefully be part of a series of short illustrated books for 4-6 year olds, to help them deal with grief.
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