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Shaelana faces her demon & Sianna'Q challenges Orion

A chapter in the book ERTEISIA

Sacred Mountain and Devil's Vengence

by Liandra


"Inverted commas - for normal communication"

'Single - for transmitting to another character.'

Thoughts - zero commas

'Zeskia' - higher than divine act of love
'Quadrals' - 100 warriors for each transformation into one quadral war ship.


Author notes below body of writing.              


 Within a split second, the portal that had conveyed the warriors from Maestro's planet of holograms had vanished. Without any thought for her companions, including Solace, Sianna'Q flew like an arrow over the river that separated the forest from the shimmering holographic villas.  

The mystical beauty of Sarandor'Q never ceases to amaze me. Hovering for a moment over the fast flowing waterfall, the melodious tones of playful blue birds, chasing and dodging between the stray droplets of water, cleared her mind of the negative energy that still possessed Shaelana.

Sprays of crystal droplets flayed into the air around her, as the river continued its journey through Sarandor'Q, fading into the blue, gaseous nebula.

She sensed Solace behind her as he slid his arms around her waist.

"It's been a tough journey, my love, now we'll enjoy the essence of Sarandor'Q for a while." Together they flew between the dancing rainbows, revelling in the beauty of the mingling colours cascading over one another as they merged into one scintillating arc.

I never tire of watching their joy of freedom.

That is the beauty of this nebula, it manifests only that which is of the purest love, Solace replied telepathically.

Now, before we celebrate our return, you will take Shaelana to the sacred mountain.

Look, the rainbows are here to welcome us, which reminds me, I totally neglected my cummerbund. Oolio will be disappointed.

She felt movement around her waist as if it was reminding her it existed. Come, fly with your family of rainbows, she whispered as she released the sash from beneath her black second skin.

With a flutter, it slowly unravelled from her body, eager for freedom to mingle with its environment. Sianna'Q marvelled at her little rainbow as it twirled and circled with its long lost kith and kin.

"Come Sianna'Q, we make haste to the mountain." Zenak joined them, eager to seek help for Shaelana who now clung to him.

"Zenak, only the feminine energy is permitted; it is the law of the Q'ran -- the guardians of the mountain." Solace placed a flat hand on his friend's muscular chest as he spoke. "Let it go, Zenak, it's the law."

Seeing her friend gazing into space, she grasped her small hands as she looked into her gold lifeless eyes. "The mountain awaits you, Shaelana."

Watch him, Solace, he's inconsolable and that means trouble.

Go now, I'll pour his favourite nectar - down his throat if I have need.

She took one last glimpse back and with her friend in tow, flew like a projectile over the crystalline river, skimming the tops of giant oaks, in a bid to recover Shaelana's over-shadowed identity, of a Grecian maiden.

Spurring them on, the energy of the mountain embraced their presence as they swerved through the massive willows, avoiding the graceful thin branches that reached out in recognition of their kin. They remember when I was a willow tree, long ago.

The majestic peak of the mountain appeared through the misty clouds, accompanied by the delicate sound of tinkling music. So beautiful - reminds me of my own journey of enlightenment.

Hovering for a moment, captivated by the shimmering blue crystal rock, Sianna'Q felt the magnetism enticing her forward.

The entity that possessed Shaelana spoke with a whisper, "What is this stunning throne doing on top of a mountain?" She flew over and slowly lowered herself into the throne.

"No-o-o!" Too late. Sianna'Q's mouth dropped open as she moved forward, helpless to act.

Electric shards of blue lightening coursed through Shaelana's body. Her screams were silent, her eyes wide open, as she lit up the peak of the mountain with scintillating waves of energy.

Stop, you'll annihilate her!

Only the persona, which occupies her body, will suffer eradication. She is unharmed. She feels no pain, only pleasure.

Beginning as a whisper and escalating to a breeze, then in turn, a roaring wind, the echo of the mountain flattened the tops of the giant trees. As the wind whistled through their branches, the leaves trembled and rippled, holding on to life.

As abruptly as it commenced, the mountain's fury quietened with the vibrations of the throne. Shaelana's body slumped forward, void of soul.

What have you done with her?

Do not distress yourself. Shaelana is still here and waiting patiently to re-enter her body.

The whisper within her mind had a calming influence, but still she had to be sure her friend was safe.

Where has the Grecian entity gone?

When lost in nectar for thousands of decades, the joy of having another captive would have been immense. However, the moment the entity was aware that the Maestro was attempting to rescue her latest attachment, it then became a battle for existence. To answer your question, she's returned back to the life she lived before entrapment in the nectar.

Who are you?

I am the breeze that rustles your hair and the rain that falls from the heavens. I am the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the moon. Have you ever asked yourself a question and the answer seemingly comes into your mind? Well, I am the whisper of your intuition.

Will you manifest?

I am in all you see with your eyes and all you see within your mind. You are asking me if I will manifest into something you can see -- my reply is you see me all the time. I will give you an example...

Slowly turning, she waited in hope of a miracle. There was a quiet, peaceful ambience, which calmed her mind. Even the oak and willow trees had ceased their flurry. Not a sound. Birds had ceased trilling, and the sounds of Sarandor'Q had quietened.

I cannot see or hear anything, so where are you?

Turning again, she hovered over to Shaelana, who slouched, seemingly asleep in the throne.

I give up. Where are you?

I'm here beside you.

I still can't see you.

That's because you are looking with your eyes and head -- seek beyond.

I've had enough of this game playing -- just show yourself.

I am!

The trees whispered, I am with their leaves as they rustled in the breeze. The tweet of a blue bird as it flew onto her shoulder, along with the musical sounds from Sarandor'Q, hit her like an epiphany.

"I know who you are - you are the embodiment of existence."

I am -- now go, take your friend home and remember, I am at your call Sianna'Q, allow the light, which radiates through you to be your inspiration.

I will and thank you...

The breeze interrupted her thoughts, as did the cry of Shaelana.

"Where am I? How did I get here?"

Sianna'Q flew over to her friend who was deeply disturbed. "You need to experience the healing energy of the crystal."

Shaelana attempted to stand up, but wobbled slightly and landed with a thump back into the seat of the crystal throne.

"Feel the vibration and hear the sounds that are for you alone," Sianna'Q instructed, as she squatted on a flat amber crystal and waited quietly, enjoying the gentle, nurturing energy of the essence.

"Sianna'Q, wake up..."

Emerging from a beautiful vision, Sianna'Q glanced up at the smiling face of her friend. "Thank the heavens you're back."

"I feel wonderful. Better than I've felt for ages. Whatever is in that crystal, I want more of it."

Standing, Sianna'Q hugged her friend as she spoke. "Come, let's fly back to our friends."

Soaring down the mountain, through the familiar trees and over the waterfall that splashed a trillion shimmering droplets back into the mother lode, she spied her rainbow weaving and playing with the mature rainbows, reunited and enjoying the sprays from the waterfall as they swirled and evaded the waves.

"Look, Solace and Zenak are waving at us."

Solace reached out for her hands and grasped them tight, as she touched the ground. "My love. Orion has Ishlyna."

"NO! What happened?" She began to run towards the villa Ishlyna and Phaedra occupied. "Ishlyna, I'm home. Ishlyna!"

"It's too late -- she's gone. It should have been me, he should have taken me, but he chose my daughter -- his daughter."

The distress on Phaedra's face tore at her heart. Sianna'Q turned, "I'll get her back, no matter what it takes. I will bring her home." She stormed from the villa with Phaedra on her heels.

"Don't do anything foolish, Sianna'Q."

"Solace, Zenak we have to leave now!"

"X'zan and Zenda are ready -- our warriors have morphed into Quadrals and are as we speak flying out. They have their orders to surround the nebula and wait for further instructions."

With her jaska at her right hip and the curved hand piece of her long serrated dagger resting at her waist, she leaped into the spacecraft with Solace, Zenak and Shaelana.

Speed of light this time, X'zan.

We are at your service," he replied through the intercom.

Yes, we will get you there as fast as our energy will take us
.' Zenda piped in.

Orion's nebula appeared in the distance. Our warriors are in place around the nebula and we fly directly through the middle.

Solace, isn't that risking all your lives?

Zenda, we have to make a powerful entrance. A risk yes, but that lovely little soul is relying on us -- we will not fail her.

Oh heavens, look into the nebula prison on the right!

Sianna'Q, stay calm. I see Ishlyna's face. Now we bargain with the devil.

I'll trap him in his own nebula with the innocents he has imprisoned.

My love, don't let your passionate nature take on its darkness -- it will not fare well for any of us, let alone Ishlyna.

Look at her sweet face looking out at us. I see her tears and so much fear. Originating from the angelic realm, makes it unbearable.

"Ah! You've arrived. I've been waiting with anticipation."

There was no mistaking the roar of the devil.

Orion's palace materialized as Sianna'Q glanced to her left. He leant with his elbows on the balustrade with a satisfied grin on his dark, bearded face.

"Welcome Sianna'Q, I've been expecting your visit - we have a trade off to discuss. You're all welcome of course."

We have no choice. I'm not losing Ishlyna to this devil bastard. Before anyone could stop her, Sianna'Q morphed into shadow and took flight.

"Well you wretched bastard of a devil, let's bargain, shall we?" With her jaska pointed at his huge belly and her dagger held at shoulder level with the serrated blade facing him, she stepped from the balcony, rotating the weapons in front of his face.

He clapped his large pudgy hands together. She loathed the way he leered at her, with his huge red tongue licking his blubbery lips.

"You know what the deal is, so let's not waste everyone's time, even though time does not exist in this place." He moved closer, Still leering.

"What's the deal then, pig?" She moved forward as she spoke.

"You, for the little fairy, that's my deal!"

"I know she's your daughter, Orion, and I know where you snatched her from originally and, I also know why."

"Enough!" He moved closer. "I'll release her to your weaklings out there - but first you have to convince me that you will keep your part of the bargain." He moved closer, "Together we will rule other Universes with our strength and power of oneness."

His smile turned her stomach as she choked on his words. Somehow, she found the words to reply. "If you promise to release her, then I'll agree to your demand."

"Tell your friends out there I consent to the exchange and I'll release her to them. HOWEVER, you remain here. Agreed?"


Solace, he's releasing Ishlyna as we speak. Take care of her for me.

Sianna'Q, what are you doing? NO! Do not do this. Do not sacrifice yourself.

"Your Ishlyna is free and now you're mine."

"If you can catch me..." She leaped into the air and flew high over the balcony, watching  as Zenak flew swiftly to Ishlyna, wrapping his arms around her and in shadow returning to the space craft.

From a distance, Solace watched as his soul mate flew like a torpedo, her black second skin reflected the brilliance of the stars as she soared through the space between the palace and the prison. Her dark hair flowed around her head and face as she turned towards the spacecraft.

A mighty roar vibrated through the nebula.

Solace, wait for me...

The small spacecraft closed the gap. There she is -- quick, grab her arm.

Solace, something is pulling at me!

"Did you really think I would let you go?" Orion's fury echoed through the heavens and hell. "Never!" He reached out as his body transformed into a goliath. His huge hand cupped around her, lifting her up to his angry face. "You're going to be taught that you never, ever defy Orion."

Oh no -- no - no, not that, please not that...

Her scream echoed through the nebula and struck Solace hard within his core heart, as he watched Orion plunge his Soul mate into the nebula, and then disappear into the red gaseous prison.

Her face became visible alongside the other prisoners in hell, her eyes were wide, her mouth open with silent screams.

"Sianna'Q..." The wailing cry of her Soul mate's pain reverberated through the nebula, as he repeated her name. "Sianna'Q - Sianna'Q, Sianna'Q..."

The end of book one


Author Notes: History.

Sianna'Q travels from future Earth along the time line, and births as a human baby. Her mission:  to prevent Orion’s destruction of Earth, by creating a rippling effect, erasing Earth of the future and the Sarandor'Q.

Following her initiation into her preordained destiny, by Merlin and Turaal the dragon, she travels to the shape-shifting planet of Sarandor'Q. There she's re-united with her Soul Mate, Solace. Unbeknown to her, he has protected her throughout her journey within Inner Earth and the core, taking on many shapes and forms. Together they've fought the mighty Ch'hogs, Orion's warriors, travelled through caverns of hovels where young human females are imprisoned, and used as a delicacy for the Ch'hog appetite.   
On a visit to the Time Maestro within his planet of Existence, they learn there are many possibilities to actions such as:  action and reaction are equal & perfect.

Orion traps Sianna’Q in the void where she suffers extreme torture until rescued and returned to Sarandor'Q, where Solace and Sianna’Q experience 'zeskia', before she flies to the peak of the sacred mountain protected by the Q'ran Tree people. There Maestro creates visions of the Time Line where Earth, is threatened with implosion. Orion's obsession with Erte is limitless.
Returning to Erteisia, she is visited by ‘the one who walked the Earth over two thousand years ago’. He's from the future and has the name of Shaendor.

In the cavern of doom, Sianna’Q and the warriors infiltrate with the Ch’hogs however, they need to be vigilant. Slaves are abused, and worked until they drop dead.
Their goal is to prevent the leeching of gold from Earth.
Orion chastises Xag for his incompetence and sends him back to Erteisia with his Elite warriors. Again Xag fails and is taken once again by Orion.

List of characters
 SIANNA’Q   Warrior from Earth’s future travels back along the Time line to prevent Orion imploding Earth. Born through the womb of a human, she has secret friends in her childhood, who travel with her through a portal to Erteisia. Here she has a massive transformation, from child to woman. Her journey begins.
SOLACE:  Warrior from the future begins his mission in Erteisia. His first encounter with his Soul Mate, is as a Semmilion equine: his task is to protect and fight beside her against Orion’s minions.   
SHAENDOR: From the future.  He walked the Earth, over two thousand years ago, spreading love, truth and healing.  He assists the warriors in the quest for peace on Earth.
SHAELANA:  Shape-shifter from the Nebula of Sarandor’Q. Newly initiated as a warrior, however, being young, she learns to master a certain protocol – emotional self discipline.     
ZENAK:  Shape-shifter - Shaelana’s soul mate and teacher.  As Solace’s second in command, he is powerful and brutal, with the enemies of Earth, Gaia and Erte.
Erte:  Betrothed to Ra the son of the Sun. She holds planet Earth within her womb waiting to birth an enlightened planet. She is tormented by Orion who wants to possess her.
ORION:  He controls the minds of weak humans. His minions who mine the Earth’s body for gold, oil and her other precious sources, are his punishment to Erte who struggles to keep Earth safe. 
TIME MAESTRO:  He is the keeper of all that is in existence. His small planet of holograms holds every scenario in existence, in the Time- frame of All that is - from the beginning of time to the end of time. He is very protective and only once in eons, has he left his planet, to rescue Sianna’Q in a battle with Orion’s minions.
MERLIN :  He initiates Willow (Sianna’Q) Crystal and Ishlyna, into their power. He appears at odd moments, when all seems futile.
TURAAL (DRAGON) Also from the future.  Protector of Sianna’Q and occasionally, transports her to where she is most needed.
OOLIO:  Sarandor’Q’s Tree warriors. Powerful, magical and humorous. Ten feet tall, body of bark, branches and twigs. Native to Sarandor’Q.  Melodious speech, and mind readers. Loyal to their cause.
BINAIRD & LAIVILIO: Soul mates and shape-shifters. Prime purpose is to ‘shift’ into ‘two passenger’ space ships.
X’ZAN & ZENDA: soul Mates and shape-shifters of Sarandor’Q – small build - morph into space ships. 
 Ishlyna : Resides with Gaia in the Shinza (Core heart of planet Eart.)  holding the planet on its axis
PHAEDRA:  Orion’s concubine – mother of Ishlyna.
XAG:  (Lord of the Ch’hogs) Reptilian warrior – Orion’s second in command.
Ch’hogs:  (Orion’s warriors) Brutal without conscience.
Zandrogs:  Slaves to the Ch’hogs. Small, solid build with reptilian genes.



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