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The stately Q'ran arrive to cleanse Earth of Orion's Ch'hogs

A chapter in the book ERTEISIA

The Q'ran enter Erteisia

by Liandra

Double inverted commas - for "verbal conversation."

~transmitting silently to another character~

Colossal waves swept over submerged boulders in the raging river, surging and plummeting over the falls, spraying fine, iridescent droplets into the atmosphere. Rainbows danced and weaved through the cascade, as the rush of water churned with thunderous speed, racing towards the outlet, eager to merge with the sea.

As she drew on its strength and determination, Sianna'Q revelled in the chaotic beauty of the river. Unrelenting forceful waves, pounded the solid dam the Ch'hogs had erected to flood the forests and the dells. Nature in its fury persistantly attacked the wall of stone, finally breaking through as it succumbed to its watery grave. She watched the might of the river imprison the broken remnants, and like a revengeful mistress, pummel them into the sandy depths.

Nature takes care of itself here in Erteisia; my one wish is that nature will do the same on Earth's surface. Forests just like this are in danger of destruction for the greed of those who control humanity. Without the forests, the planet will die.

Anger surged as she shouted loud and clear, "Those in your likeness Orion, over whom you control," her arms reached up, her fingers spread wide, "will die with the planet and spend eternity in a prison of my making."  Her voice echoed over the forests and river, and beyond the heavens. "Be warned!"

The aromatic scent of the pine trees wafting up from the forest cleansed, calmed and rejuvenated her senses. She sighed, as once more her mind relaxed. These moments are rare and delicious. A fresh sweet smelling breeze whipped up the side of the mountain and brushed her face, as if the forest had recognized her soul.

She contemplated the prospect of future Earth disappearing, as if it had never existed. No! I'll never allow Orion to destroy Earth -- never!

Hovering close to the tunnels edge, she slipped back in time again and remembered a rare moment with her Soul Mate, Solace. Seems like many ages since we merged in Zeskia.

~I too remember, my love. When we return to Sarandor'Q, we'll fly to the sacred mountain together.~

She felt the warmth of his body as he pulled her back against his chest. Solace... She twisted in his embrace, encircling her arms around his neck. ~How long have you been here?~

~Long enough to know you need some loving and reassurance.~
"Hey you two - time for that later!"

Shaelana's voice penetrated their bliss, like an annoying irritation.

"I suggest you look to the skies and thank me for saving you from embarrassment my friends. Oolio's warriors are almost upon us!"

"Look," Sianna'Q pointed up to where a fleet of black ships had materialized.

High above the forests and mountains an armada of space ships hovered silently, casting shadows over the forest of pines and willows.

"What are they waiting for?" She asked.

"Watch the incredible precision of these mighty warriors as they arrive in the tunnel."

Swift as arrows and the grace of eagles, the first of the armada flew into the entrance and through the tunnel. One after another they systematically came to a graceful slow down as they entered the landing dock, and then hovered to their designated bays.

Their ships hummed like bees in a hive, their resonance soothing the ambiance.

Oolio alighted from the third ship, which instantly morphed into a quadroon of warriors. His tall, gnarled tree figure strode towards them.

Sianna'Q noticed he had thick bark around his chest, wearing it as he would a shield. His warriors marched in sequence, tall and proud behind him. They also had shields of thick bark. The green bronze leaves that grew from the top of their heads hung down around their shoulders and backs, which, she thought, was their natural camouflage. Their leaves fluttered in the breeze that flowed through the tunnel creating a rustling, musical resonance that held her captive.

"Good friends, we are here to wipe out these nuisances that have plundered Gaia and tortured Erte." Oolio's melodious voice echoed softly around the inner cavern. He reached out and placed his long knotted fingers on Solace's shoulders in friendship.

"Orion will pay dearly for the destruction on the body of our beautiful Gaia."

He turned, "Sianna'Q, I am privileged to see you again. Your adventures through the portal into Erteisia are now documented in the Q'ran."

"I am honored, Master Oolio."

~ Have you played with the rainbow sash yet? ~ He transmitted.

~ My rainbow -- I feel shame. I haven't even noticed it. Not even when I've bathed! ~

~ You have forgotten. Never mind, you will not forget again. It awaits your attention. ~

His strange mouth gave what she presumed was a smile.

"When this mission is won, then we have much to share my little friend." His gnarled tree face looked down at her.

She glimpsed a glow within the hollows of his eyes. A feeling of warmth spread through her body and into her soul as she held his long stick fingers in friendship. 

Whispered words entered her mind. Remember the Willow tree and you will remember the child of Taurus.

He turned away and joined Solace, leaving her with questions unanswered.

"I will instruct you Oolio, on all that has happened."

"Maestro has shown me all I need to know in his library of existence."

"Ah! The Maestro - it has been some time since we were in his planet of holograms."

"Did I hear Maestro's name?" Sianna'Q asked eagerly.

~ Yes, he sends his thoughts your way -- you have made an impression on him which is an honor. He has the answers to your predicament. ~

The flush that spread over her face did not go amiss by Oolio.

~ Thank you Master Oolio. Maestro connected and mentioned his tribute to me. ~

She smiled and walked over to the Q'ran.

Lined up and waiting for their orders, the warriors distracted her mind from the horror of the past as she gazed at the strange aliens.

If they huddled together they would appear as a forest of trees. The smile on her face turned into giggle.

"Uhum! That's what we are Sianna'Q, a forest of trees." He moved closer, bent over and whispered in her ear again, "We remember when you first arrived in Erteisia. We held you and your friends safe in our forest. We waited a long time for the little girl who communicated with the elementals in a dark coal shed."

"You've known me that long?"

Oolio nodded his gnarled head and with a twinkle in the hollow of his eyes, he walked past her with long, slow strides and joined Solace.

A touch of happiness brought a tear to her eye, as she turned and followed them into the cavern.

He must have been a guardian when I was a human child. So that is why he and Maestro call me 'sweet little Sianna'Q' - they still see me as that child.

The weird silence in the cavern still rattled her nerves. Echoes of the past, the screams, and the loud crunching of the robots as they shuffled along the makeshift roadways, haunted her.

The cages and hovels are empty of slaves and females now. Thank the heavens Annalisa and the children are safe in Sarandor'Q, bless them!

Oolio and Solace had reached the makeshift lifts that had carried the remaining Zandrog slaves and Ch'hogs to the pit.

She caught up and leapt aboard, as the lift shuddered and creaked all the way past the lower level to the devil's work pit.

She tasted the bile of her anger rise again, as the smell of blood and guts reached her nostrils, and the swishing of lashes as they rushed through the air before the scream of pain. Then the sickly sound of thin leather hitting flesh. 



Orion threatens to implode Earth if Erte refuses to be his bride. She holds the Earth within her womb to prevent her destabilizing from over mining of her body. Sianna'Q & Solace travel from the future to protect Earth and Erte. Their future is threatened: if Earth implodes the future Ascended Earth will not exist. They would not exist.

List of characters in this chapter

SiannaQ: Warrior from Earth's future travels back along the Time line to prevent Orion imploding Earth. Born through the womb of a human, she has secret friends in her childhood, who travel with her through a portal to Erteisia. Here she has a massive transformation, from child to woman. Her journey begins.
SOLACE: Warrior from the future begins his mission in Erteisia. His first encounter with his Soul Mate, is as a Semmilion equine: his task is to protect and fight beside her against Orion's minions.
SHAELANA: Shape-shifter from the Nebula of Sarandor'Q. Newly initiated as a warrior, however, being young, she learns to master a certain protocol, emotional self discipline.
ORION: He controls the minds of weak humans. His minions who mine the Earth's body for gold, oil and her other precious sources, are his punishment to Erte who struggles to keep Earth safe.
OOLIO: Sarandor'Q's Tree warriors. Powerful, magical and humorous. Ten feet tall, body of bark, branches and twigs. Native to Sarandor'Q. Melodious speech, and mind readers. Loyal to their cause.
Ch'hogs: (Orion's warriors) Brutal without conscience.
Zandrogs: Slaves to the Ch'hogs. Small, solid build with reptilian genes.
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