Family Script posted July 29, 2013

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Couple meet for the last time.

Final Goodbye


(Scene: Small open area on hillside. Overgrown surroundings, but still beautiful. Sarah, woman in her mid-twenties, with blonde hair stands.)

(Noise from the bushes, makes her turn anxiously. A man, significantly older than Sarah steps out.)

Sarah: You came!

Justin: I made a promise.

Sarah (taking a closer step to Justin): I miss you so much.

(Justin smiles and looks into her eyes)

Justin: This is the last time we can meet.

(Alarm shows on Sarah's face. She draws in deep, ragged breaths.)

Sarah: But why? I can't go on without you.

Justin: You can. Pretending we are still together is worse than being dead. There's more out there for you. You have to move on.

(Sarah sniffs and looks away, unable to look at Justin.)

Justin: Sarah, look at me. You know it's true.

Sarah: But I don't want to be alone.

Justin: You won't be, I promise.

Sarah: But I won't be with you.

Justin: Maybe not, but it will be wonderful, I know it.

(Justin steps closer, touches her cheek and her hair ruffles as if a breeze blows.)

Sarah: I'll never forget you.

Justin: No, you won't. But I have to go now. I'll always remember you, Sarah.

(Sarah chokes back a sob and reaches for Justin. Her fingers go through his image. Justin starts to fade, as does the hillside and the sky.)

(A figure moves from the mist that swirls down from the sky. It stands face to face with Sarah. The figure shrouded in white reaches for Sarah.

Figure: Sarah, let him go. Heaven awaits you.

( A brilliant sky brightens overhead and both Sarah and shrouded figure have disappeared, leaving Justin back on the hillside looking towards heaven with a smile on his face.


Second script attempt.
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