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A Tale of Sweet Revenge

Don't Take What's Mine

by Onixxiya

Tom and I had been in love, no two-ways about it. He was infatuated with me, and I with him. As dawn rose over us each morning, snuggled up, we would watch for the first sunshine of the day together, and it had never felt so warming as it did then. We were blissfully happy. Then she came, and I longed for the night.


Abbey moved in across the road, six long months ago. Everyone was curious about her, but no one had any answers. For the first few weeks we didn't see her outside at all, she was like a hermit, a creepy little hermit-freak. During those weeks, as twilight settled upon us, I used to see her spying out of her living room window. She was staring in at Tom, and sometimes both of us. Even when she knew I had noticed her doing it, she just carried on, intently gazing - creepy little stalker-freak. The longing in her looks should have alerted me sooner to her intentions, but I failed to notice or act, until it was far too late.

She didn't appear outside until one hot summer's Saturday. Tom had gone out for a walk in the sunshine, a frequent habit of his. I was inspecting the hedgerows in the front garden when, amazed, I saw Abbey emerge. To my intense irritation, she slinked off up the road in the direction Tom would be imminently coming back from. When she was out of sight, unable to bear not knowing, I quickly nipped over to the bush that was otherwise obscuring my view up the road and peered slyly round it.

Whether it was her initial intention or not, she had found him and clearly decided not to waste this opportunity. As I scrutinized their interaction from afar, I could see her flirting, practically prancing in front of him, like some kind of harlot. She certainly had his attention, he was mesmerised, his head following her every movement, and I averted my gaze in disgust. They continued this revolting little routine for days, and then weeks while I watched in a fettered silence.

I knew it was coming, but I can't say it tempered my rage. One evening in mid September he had come home from one of his 'walks' and I could just smell it all over him. I knew. I just knew he had been with her. Fortunately he fell nearly straight to sleep or I would have been forced to confront him then and there. And that is to put it mildly. It would have been pointless though. Such an infestation could not be cleansed with conversation. This would need a different approach. Fortunately, feigning being the fool was a fa¢¿½ade that I had become more than familiar with.


It was winter, and I had been patient. Darkness enveloped the street more quickly in the evenings. Every night without fail, at dusk, Abbey left the house and would return in the dead of night. The doorway to her home was inside a porch facing the opposite direction she would be coming from. I crept quietly out of the house shortly after her departure and stalked over to her porch-way. I crouched down and waited, my shadow completely obscured by the darkness as I listened for her impending return.

I endured the wait with gleeful anticipation. Hearing the soft crunch as she approached along the gravel path, I smiled inwardly. As she turned the corner, her eyes widened in horror at my presence, or my grin, and I instantly leapt upon her. Knocking her to the ground, I tore mercilessly at her face, making a deep laceration in her right eye that I dragged all the way down to the corner of her mouth. It bled gloriously. Struggling under my grasp she screeched, and I held her there, victorious, before cutting another deep scratch into the opposite side of her face.

You won't be prancing around in front of Tom now, will you, I thought. Who would want you now? Her incessant yowling was sure to have alerted the neighbours, but no matter. I had achieved my purpose. Taking one final, triumphant look at her, I sank my teeth into her shoulder and tasted my victory. Teasingly, I released her from where she had been pinned beneath my legs, and I couldn't resist snapping at her tail as she scuttled in through her cat flap.

Head in the air, I wandered calmly back home.

One down...


For those of you who guessed it early - let me know when. I may have to do some tweaking :)

My thanks go out to SkyAngel02 for this most amazing picture!

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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