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The Daisy Legend

by sweetwoodjax

One day, I mounted my mighty steed and ran away from my protectors, flying like the wind to escape the drudgery I felt. I was a princess, expected to excel in the lessons set before me. My mother always said my adventurous spirit would be the death of me, but I was too wild to listen to her thoughts.

In the field of flowers, I felt so free. I danced, which was forbidden within the castle walls. I daydreamed of keeping my new found freedom and living in this field of flowers forever. I never saw the witch climbing the hill and
watching over me, cackling at my antics.

I felt fear as the witch approached me. Her face was ravaged by wrinkles and her fingernails were painted black to match her evil spirit. Her eyes were like black pearls that peered into the very depth of my soul. Her long hair was gray and matted, and she wore a black robe like a shield, keeping the light from shining on her dark heart.

The witch asked me, "My child, you are a child of light and innocent are your thoughts. I ask you to tell me of the one I love so true. Does he love me with a pure heart or does he love another?"

My fear of the witch distressed me and I hid behind a false bravado of words. I spoke to her saying these words.

"Oh evil witch, he has no care.
He has a heart of one so fair.
He thinks of her when he looks at you.
His love of her is sweet and true."

The witch raged, causing a storm to rain down on the field, drowning the flowers and filled the sky with black clouds. My beloved horse ran away and left me alone with the witch.

"You will rue the day you spoke such words for me! I will grant you your wish to be a part of the fields forever. White petals will adorn your hair and your face shall have no eyes. People will seek your wisdom and the last petal shall tell their fortune. It will tell them if their love is true."

In that instant, I became a simple little flower, picked and forever losing my hair to the one who asks of my wisdom.

"Oh simple flower, tell of my lot.
Does he love me or love me not?
This simple question I ask of you.
Does my lover love me true?"

I have been denuded several times over if I don't give them the answer they seek, leaving my petals to weep on the ground as I lie forgotten on the grass. My hair grows back only to lose it again to prying fingers and lonely hearts.

"Look in your heart for the answer you seek.
Why ask the one who cannot speak?
If a loving heart is possessed by you,
how could he help but love you true."

What happened to the evil witch? She turned herself into me and went on to marry a prince and later became a queen. She hides her evil heart behind a royal mask and uses her magic to get rid of the one who seeks her throne.


This story took on a life of its own. I was going to write a poem but decided to give the daisy a legend. Whimsical Creation's picture inspired it even more so.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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