Spiritual Poetry posted November 7, 2010

This work has reached the exceptional level
There is no high like the Most High

-The Kingdom of Meth-

by InHisownwrite

There sits a very dark kingdom
Promising life though often times death
Surrounded by a white mountain
Dubbed by all The Kingdom of Meth
Its walls at first seem protected
When the mind's in full control
But common sense is neglected
Once it captivates your soul

Its king lives high in his castle
He sits on a white powdered throne
There are many maidens who attend to him
He never sleeps alone
He rides in a long white limo
And travels throughout the land
Curiosity gets you a hand out
Just by holding out your hand
Many bow before him, many bend their knee
He's the king, so they kiss his ring
That's the way it's supposed to be

Yet somehow, on the next visit
Things begin to change
The king brings along his burly knights
Which at first seems rather strange
They climb out of the limo
You reach with outstretched hand
They hit it quick with a thick nightstick
To help you understand
The king sets up a payment plan
That's just how the story goes
You receive a snort, though the snort is short
It goes quickly up your nose
Then they climb back into the limo
Driving up to the castle's door
Knowing very soon by the light of the moon
You'll be crawling back for more

The king's castle stands majestic
Surrounded by beautiful grounds
But down the hill, it is something else still
A circus for all the clowns
The buildings are all falling apart
And some live on the street
But not so with the rising king
His castle is complete
Complete with all the necessities
That any king could desire
The king of snow, well don't you know
Can very soon retire
There he sits in the glamour and glitz
Counting all his money
It feeds his drive like a bee in a hive
Snacking on the honey
The devestation down below
Never enters his zone
After all, they do it to themselves
Yes, they do it on their own

So everyday the royal trucks
Go down to the city dump
Pumping in all the nasty sludge
The royal trucks can pump
They fill up all the royal tanks
With anything they can find
Enough to fill each royal syringe
Enough to fill each mind
They bring it to the castle
It's manufactured quick
Too many loyal customers
Are getting royally sick
Then the king arrives with his entourage
And delivers every sack
But with no hard cash, there will be no stash
The stash is going back
It's amazing how something so damaging
Can capture everyone's heart
Crawling deep within the surface of the skin
It rips and tears apart
Keeping all its users wide awake
Then they sleep for days on end
Waking up next to an enemy
They mistake for a loyal friend

Their bodies are covered in tiny sores
That fester on the skin
No one has an appetite
This kingdom is royally thin
Motivation's a thing of the past
Desire is eaten away
By the snort of a foreign powder
That takes the mind to play
Bound by the need of a chemical
Heavy laden by ball and chain
Until the appearance of another King
Would change the royal reign

This King brought with Him a Royal Book
That He opened on the street
And everyone for miles around
Sat at His Royal feet
He read to them His Father's word
Which spoke to many a soul
Living, breathing, written words
Imparted from the Royal Scroll
Many listened right away, many didn't hear
Too close to their addiction
They closed an addictive ear
And then the King slipped out of town
But He kept an eye on things
For He now resided in many hearts
Oh, the joy salvation brings!

It wasn't very long after
That a change hit the royal scene
Some were throwing out syringes
And becoming royally clean
They revolted against the fallen king
Dethroning his addictive smudge
Now his limo sits in the city dump
In the midst of the nasty sludge
They cleaned the entire castle
Every nook, and every cranny
Tossing out the deceptive powdered throne
And the king, right on his fanny
And although there's a happy ending
In my own dark Kingdom of Meth
Some sadly fall by the wayside
As they take their very last breath....

Bryan Miles c. 09-22-10
All Rights Reserved

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Crystal Meth is a combination of many nasty things
Including battery acid...
I was an addict with over 60 sores on my face and scalp...
A relationship with Jesus Christ set me free!
This is my own story told in a modern medieval setting....
Inspired By: King James Bible
Matthew 12:25 "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation."
John 8:36 "So, if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed."
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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