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One man's attempt at communication

The Machines that found God

by seewhatimwritingnow

Professor Elliott Greystone was growing old. He had spent the past forty years of his life in his laboratory, working on his many machines that would one day enable him to communicate with... God!

He had never been one to depend on prayer, for he had no real way of knowing if God had received his message or not. However, he did have a strong belief that there was, indeed, an Almighty Creator out there, somewhere in the vast beyond, and he was determined to contact him.
The many machines and gadgets that filled his laboratory, whizzed and beamed lights long into the night. Elliott seldom rested. Many nights he had fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion, right there in his lab, never making it home.
During the day he taught his physics class at Columbia University. Many of his students, as well as members of the faculty, had often compared this man and his genius to Einstein, himself.
It was getting harder and harder for Elliott to concentrate on teaching his class. His heart was no longer in his teaching, but was now only in his laboratory experiments.
His appearance had slowly declined over the years. He had become disheveled. He no longer took pride, as he once had, in his perfectly pressed tweed suits and polished shoes. His gray hair constantly tumbled down onto his forehead. The 'Ben Franklin' eyeglasses that continuously slipped down on his nose, were obviously held together in the center, with white tape. 
Some of his students jokingly referred to him as ‘the Mad Scientist’.
Maybe he was mad.  Perhaps he had finally crossed that thin line between genius and insanity. 
But Professor Greystone had a goal, an all consuming goal. He knew that he was now so close to finding the answer, if only he didn’t have to be constantly disrupted by his teaching and all of the other nonsense that took him away from his laboratory!
The answer was there in his head. He knew it.  He had made brilliant discoveries in outer space that would have, no doubt, won him a Nobel Prize. These discoveries, however, were of no interest to him. They were only unimportant stepping stones that were leading him to his ultimate goal, of communicating with God.
He had, many times, received very strong signals from outer space and had failed to capture them but for short periods. These signals only encouraged him to try harder.
Professor Greystone really had no desire to contact aliens. Newly discovered planets and actual communication had only mildly amused him, during his experiments. His life's goal was only to contact the Creator, the Master of the entire universe, God!
Nothing more, nothing less.

Elliott was not what you would call a religious man. He was strictly a man of science.  He didn't attend a church, but he believed in God. Believed in Him perhaps more strongly than most men. So certain that He was out there, he was determined to contact Him.

Not through traditional prayer, but through the power of his machines.

Now, as he sat in his laboratory, amongst these many complicated whirling machines, with his glasses slipped down on his nose, and earphones attached to each side of his head, he pushed buttons and turned knobs...
He heard something.
Raising both hands to press the earphones tighter to his ears, his eyes widened in amazement.
 (next words garbled)
(static and more garbled words.
(and what sounded like laughter?)
My God! Someone was actually attempting to speak to him!  
Frantically wiping the sweat from his brow and brushing his gray hair away from his eyes he lept from his chair, still pressing the earphones even tighter to his head.
He now switched on the microphone, attached to this strange contraption.
"Hello!" he shouted into it, "Hello! God, are you there?"
Now, he received only static. Short wave sounds and that irritating, constant static!
Filled yet again, with disappointment but enthused and encouraged at the same time, he reluctantly shut down his machines and decided to head home to his small apartment.
Perhaps he just needed a refreshing night’s sleep.  Maybe he needed to rest a bit. He would try again tomorrow.
A sudden ache filled his chest.  It wasn’t the first time, and he knew it was only anxiety and exhaustion.  He locked up and headed for his car.
As always, the pain subsided.
As he drove his Volvo along the darkened highway, a lighted figure suddenly appeared before him! 
He immediately slammed on the brakes, pulling over to the side of the road.
"What the Hell was that?" he thought aloud. Whatever it was, it was now gone. He stood there perplexed, in the darkened street, looking all around him.  He saw nothing.
"WHERE ARE YOU?" he screamed up to the star-sprinkled, black sky.
"Oh God,” he cried, falling to his knees right there in the roadside grass, “Why can't I reach you?"

Disappointed once again and concluding that it had only been his imagination playing tricks on him, he climbed back into his car and continued his journey home.
Unlocking his apartment door, he walked into the small cluttered place that he called home. He had lived here for the past forty years...alone.
Forty years that he had been spent teaching and working on his many machines.
He had never married, although he had once loved a girl, when he was in his late twenties. Her name was Melissa Chase.
They had planned to marry and he had rented this four-room apartment which was to be their new home.
Together, they had purchased furniture and decorated the apartment. He now thought of those happy moments of painting and hanging curtains. Oh, how he had loved Melissa.
They had met in college. From the first moment they laid eyes on each other, there had never been another for either of them.  She was all he had ever hoped for in a woman.  After all these years, he still dreamed of the woman he had loved…and lost.
Only weeks prior to their planned wedding, his precious Melissa had tragically been involved in an automobile accident. She was only twenty-eight years old.
Barely hanging on, Melissa had survived in the hospital for over a week.  Elliott stayed with her, keeping a loving vigil at her side.
Back then he prayed. He prayed a lot!
A few times she would regain consciousness, for short periods of time. She would open her eyes and whisper, "Elliott, Elliott, are you there?" 
He could but hold onto her hand and answer, "I am here, Melissa. I will always be here for you."
At one point, when she had suddenly awakened, she stared and pointed upward. Her wide eyes were transfixed, as she stared up at the ceiling with renewed energy. Sheer happiness radiated across her smiling face.
"Oh look!" she had cried out, "The light is so bright! Oh God, I see you now!"
Elliott’s eyes had quickly turned upwards, to where his love was pointing.
He saw nothing but a stark white hospital ceiling.
But he had no doubt that she had seen something! He knew that she had actually seen God!  She then closed her eyes falling back into her unconscious state.
Elliott had stayed by her bedside, praying and praying for God to be merciful and let her live.
Melissa died, never regaining consciousness again. 
But she had seen God! The Creator had made himself visible to her!
Elliott Greystone wanted to see this God as well. He felt a pang within him that he could only describe, to his horror, as jealousy!
This is when Professor Elliott Greystone opened his laboratory and began his exhausting mission to scientifically contact God.
If He was out there, somewhere in the Heavens, then He could be reached! Elliott was sure of this.
He knew that he was now so close to physical communication with the Creator. His heart pounded with the anticipation. 
Now, after forty years of his life invested in building his machines, and conducting experiment after experiment, after begrudgingly teaching his daily physics class, he rushed anxiously back to his laboratory.

God was now just a 'tweak' away. He was sure of it! 
Racing around the Lab, he turned on his machines, pushing buttons like a madman.
Quickly placing the earphones on his head, he sat tensely in his chair, listening. He ignored the sharp pains that once again, stabbed within his chest.
He quickly removed a wire here, twisted a lens there, and carefully adjusted knobs, as static filled his head from the earphones.
Suddenly, to his delight and utter amazement, the room filled with a most brilliant light.
There, standing before him... was GOD!
Not the white bearded, mythical God, as he had always envisioned Him, but a beautiful woman standing there before him. She was surrounded by the most beautiful aura of lights that he had ever witnessed!
"God?" he whispered, in awed reverence, feeling sure he would faint with delight. The room began to spin.
"Yes, Elliott, my son," she spoke with a voice that rivaled the most beautiful music he'd ever heard on Earth.
"It is I," she went on. "I have greatly admired your determination to reach me for all of these years...I am here to offer you a choice. Would you like to come and live with me now?"
"Live with you?" Elliott gasped, "In Heaven?"
God laughed, "Yes, Elliott," she replied, "not exactly what you know of as Heaven, but here in a spiritual world of peace and perfection." She added,

"Melissa is here with me now."

"Melissa?" Elliott repeated, "My Melissa is there? I can actually be with her again?"
"Yes, if that is what you desire, my son. It's your choice," God replied.
"Oh yes, YES!" Elliott shouted, now reaching out his arms toward the light, to God.

Elliott's life expectations had finally been realized. What more did he have to live for?  No more teaching. No more returning to his lonely apartment. He had at last found God, and could now be reunited with his beloved Melissa.

"I want to go with you." he repeated, "Please take me!"

He rushed toward the light, and into the comforting arms of God.
The next morning, when Elliott failed to show up for his class, members of the staff went to his apartment, looking for him. He wasn't there.
Upon entering his lab they found their 'Mad Scientist', Professor Elliott Greystone, slumped in his chair, earphones still attached to his head emitting static.

He was dead.

"Poor old guy," one of the members said, as he looked around the room at the many machines, sadly shaking his head,
"He just worked too hard." He went on, "He had this crazy notion that all of these weird, magical machines would one day help him to actually find God!"  

Someone in the room snickered.  

And another uttered, as they noticed the peaceful smile that still remained on Elliott's face…
“And who knows?" he said softly, "Maybe...just maybe...they did!”

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